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Parenting is challenging and when your child is a picky eater or goes through a phase of fussy eating it can turn mealtimes into a battle and stress everyone out.  Here I share some top tips for dealing with a picky eater.

10 Achievable tips for helping picky eaters. Fussy Eating is often a phase, but can be frustrating for parents. Here are some great tips that work #6 is genious

Picky eating can often be a phase in younger children and it can be incredibly frustrating, but staying calm and trying our some of these tips should help you get through it.  Even children who have been eating and trying everything can go through stages of refusing food.

How to deal with picky eaters

I think the biggest thing to remember is that if you make sure you give the best option of the type of food, so go for brown rice, brown bread, whole milk and cheese.  Children will not starve themselves and if my boys wouldn’t eat their meals then I decided that we always had cereal, bread and fruit so they could eat that as an alternative.  I figured early on that if I didn’t buy junk then they didn’t get to eat it at home and my food motto would be everything in moderation.   Plus if you are really concerned about their nutrition then you can always opt for a supplement such as JuicePLUS+, bot instead of food but in addition to what they are eating.

10 Achievable tips for helping picky eaters. Fusy Eating is often a phase, but can be frustrating for parents. Here are some great tips that work #6 is genius

10 Tips for dealing with picky eaters

  1. Lead by example.  Eating together as a family can make a big difference.
  2. Peer pressure.  Encourage your child to eat with other children who eat a more varied diet.
  3. Stick to three main meals a day and two healthy snacks.  Often picky eaters can be grazers, making sure that they have a set meal time will help ensure they are hungry at food time.
  4. Change the venue, if your table has become a battleground, then try eating on the floor in a picnic fashion or even a tent in the garden.  Make it fun for everyone and try not to anticipate that there will be an issue – children feed off your concerns!
  5. Offer new foods without pressure.  I have heard it said that you have to try something nine times to know whether you like it.  Offer a small amount of new food at a meal time and say they only have to try one small amount and keep offering.
  6. Make it look interesting.  I love the fun food that Grace from Eats amazing serves up and we all know that you do eat with your eyes.  So make new foods look delicious.
  7. Encourage them to do it themselves, whether it is feeding themselves, serving, preparing or even growing the food.  Get them actively involved in their meals.
  8. Finger food and dip is always a hit with kids.  Instead of just carrot and hummus, try asparagus with dippy eggs.  When children can pick up the foods it really encourages them to try.
  9. Serve new foods with familiar foods.  Instead of a whole new meal try adding something new to a family recipe.  So grate some carrots in their tomato sauce or add some chopped tomatoes to their scrambled egg.
  10. Try giving foods a name, such as squeaky beans.  Call broccoli small trees and peas can be tiny planets.

My boys are now eleven and nearly ten and I know that fussy eating can come at any age and isn’t exclusive to toddlers.  It can also be about exploring food and trends such as vegetarianism, vegan, but most of all it is about being in control of their own bodies and it will pass with time.

10 Achievable tips for helping picky eaters. Fussy Eating is often a phase, but can be frustrating for parents. Here are some great tips that work #6 is genius

We recently tried to way our way through the alphabet with our a-z of ingredients and cooking with kids  It was great fun and really introduced my boys to some amazing new foods.


A-Z of cooking with kids series here

Now I know that some children are not picky eaters, they have food refusal issues and I really would recommend you seek professional help.

I would love to know your tips for dealing with picky eaters.  Have your children gone through a fussy stage?  Was there anything that they always refused or even off foods that they love?



A-Z of ingredients for cooking with kids. Encourage your kids to get in the kitchen and eat a wide range of foods with our a to z of ingredients from Apples to zest all with child friendly recipes and tips.


8 thoughts on “10 Top tips for dealing with picky eaters

  • Sarah @theparentingtrials

    We’ve fussy eaters in this house too. It can be really hard when there refuse to eat, not to give in and make them something else, but your right they wont let themselves starve. We try now to offer fruit as an alternative if they refuse to eat what we cooked but can be hard when the things your cooking are new things your trying to convince them to try, especially as If like mine the kids love fruit lol and see it as a kind of treat.

  • Emma

    Lots of great tips there. I have been so lucky with my older two who will eat pretty much anything. I bet that means my little one will be a picky eater though! 😀

  • Cass@frugalfamily

    My 11 year old is a fussy eater and I’m pretty relaxed about it.

    I don’t intend to make an issue out of it as he’s getting more adventurous as he gets older and the more I make an issue out of it, the more he’s likely to stop trying new foods.

    I plan meals that I know he likes and when I’m cooking something I know he won’t like, I’ll cook him a version that I know he will like.

    We’ll no doubt argue over enough things as he gets older so food isn’t going to be one of them 😉

  • Mari

    My oldest daughter was a very fussy eater and drove me beserk at times. I noticed she really liked the Disney film Aristocats at the time and I made Edgar’s soup for her with lots of hidden vegetables in it. she loved it and I was happy I was getting some vitamins in her.
    She is still a fussy eater today!

  • Zara Smith

    I was a very picky eater as a child and when my mom got mad at me for not wanting to eat she just used to said “Ok then, when you’re hungry, you’ll eat.” It worked.

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