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Top Tips for Children Starting Senior School

Moving from Primary school to senior school can seem like a big step for children and parents alike but there are some ways that as parents we can make the transition easier for our children.

Lots of schools offer a shuffle up period (which will vary depending on the school) which really does make life easier, however, here are our top tips for Children Starting Senior School that will make starting senior school less stressful for kids.

Our 4 Top Tips for Children Starting Senior School

The BBC Bitesize website as some amazing information and guides about starting Senior School and I also asked my boys’ who are now both in senior school their top tips.

Do a few test runs

Getting to a new school is a whole new ball game especially when public transport is involved. So have a few test runs before the big day to make sure that your child knows where they are going. It makes sense to do it at the appropriate times too. Also to put some contingencies in place for lost bus passes or even missing the transport.

Be prepared for a change in Routine

The test runs work well for routine as well as transport. What time will your child need to be up for their new school, do they have all the uniform they need? Starting a new school is a great time to allow your child a little more independence, so encourage them to get their own uniform ready.

Easing the Home to School Transition

Help them fit in

Sometimes it can be as simple as having “the right” school bag or finding someone to travel to school with. So encourage your child to make plans for the first day as it can help reduce the anxiety. Even as a parent who encourages her children that it is OK to not fit in I understand how being part of the crowd on your first day can be comforting.

Stay chilled

Our children can feed off our feelings, so it is key that we remained relaxed about their move as that will be passed on to our children. This was one of the key things that my children said. “Mum we didn’t worry, as you didn’t worry”.

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