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Top tips for choosing beach clothes for kids

We are back this month with our beach picks from the fab website. We live right by a beach, well 2 minutes drive away and my boys both love spending time on the beach both in the summer and the winter.   The Mini Mads have had a good browse of the website and here are their choices. The boys are ten and nearly nine and have distinct personalities, so see if you can tell who picked which sets!

Top tips for choosing beach clothes

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Top tips for choosing beach clothes


As a mum there are a few things that I look for in beach clothes, so I thought I would share with you my top tips for beach clothes for kids.

First up, the same as my summer picks, the brighter the better.  I want my kids to stand out on the beach.  it is hard enough spotting them in a mass of kids on the beach, so I want to make it as easy as possible for me.

Secondly we love rash vests and long sleeved ones are king for us.  Young skin burns easily and anything I can do to protect it I will.  Rash vests are usually UV protected.  They also dry really fast and protect young skin from sand burns too.

The beach we live on is both stony and sandy, so the boys wear flip flops a lot.  They are also perfect for wearing in the beach shower too.

Caps are essential.  They protect heads and faces from the sun, but again we look at bright ones, so that they boys stand out in the crowd.  If you can get your kids to wear larger hats then that is even better.

Don’t forget their eyes.  make sure you use reputable sun glasses and not play ones.

What are your top tips for beach wear for kids?

Top tips for choosing beach clothes


Top tips for choosing beach clothes


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