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Top Tips for visiting Legoland Windsor

An annual trip to Legoland has become a tradition for the mad house and we always try and fit one in before the school holidays start in order to avoid the peak times.  This year we seem to have visited on the only day of summer so far.

My top tips are:

  • Always buy your tickets in advance, you can usually find deals on line or consider using your Tesco cub card points, which is what we do.
  • Get their early.  This is the most important tip and it will ensure the day runs smoothly.  Although the rides do not open until 10am, the turnstiles open from 9.30 am.  This means that you can browse the shop, make any purchases (you can collect them later) and then most imporatantly make your way to any must go on rides or the rear of the park.
  • Collect a lost parents sticker at the guest services booth at the entrance to the park.  This is a stick that you pop on your children, so that if they get lost it has your mobile phone number on it.  You can also collect a map at the same time.
  • Start at the back of the park.  We always head to the rear of the park and work our way back to the beginning.  We always seem to queue for a short period if we do this.
  • Take a picnic.  The food is expensive and also in my opinion not very appetising and in certain restaurants the wasps can be terrible, which really spoils mealtimes with children.  You can go back out to the car to collect it, but we tend to pop it in a back pack.  You can also get a refillable drink at  the booths for £5.99, which might seem expensive, but on a hot day it is surprising how much children drink.
  • Dress you children in bright clothing.  I tend to put the boys in orange, yellow or purple so that I can always spot them in a crowd.  This year it was really bright shirts and funky hats.
  • Take swimming costumes and towels.  We always take rash vests as the Duplo splash area is fab, although it doesn’t have any shade and it is the place that we usually visit before heading back to the car.  Taking about shade, I feel that hats and sun cream are essential too.
  • Remember to pay for your parking on the way back to the car.  it used to be free, but is now £2.00
  • The shop has some great stuff in, but the Lego can often be picked up cheaper elsewhere.  We like the fridge magnets and also the ice cube trays and we always purchase at the start of the day.  It is horrible and packed at the end of the day.
  • If you are planning to buy photo’s of you on the rides, then make sure you buy a photo pass as it works out much less expensive.  The Lego photo walls are a particularly nice treat.
  • If it is your child’s birthday whilst you are there, if you pop to guest services they will give them a badge and arrange for their name to appear on the welcome screen, which is a fab touch and made Mini a very happy boy.

We absolutely love Legoland Windsor and it is perfectly pitched at children ages from 3 to 12 (ish).  It is a real family day out and has much more attractions that you could possibly get through in one day, so if there is a ride that you must go on, make sure you get on it early in the day.

Disclosure: We received free entry in to Legoland


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