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Tots 100 Garden Challenge – The reveil

My Tots100 Home Club garden challenge was always going to be a tough one.  What with it being used as a football pitch for my boys, the grass had given up and left town, just look at the sorry state of it before.  So I asked the experts at Homebase how to deal with my bare patches of lawn on their Facebook App and they came back and said that the only way to get it looking tip top again was to either patch it with turf or reseed it and try and keep the boys off it.

We decided to reseed it, as September is the ideal time for this and purchased Some Patch Magic and have told the boys that it is off limits.  The fact that it is due to rain for a couple of days will help too, as will the hopefull warm patch at the end of the week.

One of our other big issues is the fact that the boys balls foil our attempts to introduce solar lighting in to the garden.  They have broken every lamp we have introduced.  So when I saw that Homebase had solar lanterns you could fence mount, we decided to give it a try.

I have to say they were a doddle to install and we have placed them around the fence  and one at a lower level above the boys picnic table.  They came complete with the screws.  They are a soft light, so create a lovely glow in the garden and are above ball height so will hopefully stay the course!

Now there was supposed to be a lot more going on in the garden, including relocating the swings and wirglygigg, but the following happened when I slipped on a ball!  I am hoping that it is just a bad sprain, but I think I am developing a name for myself and becoming a liability to myself.

But I am sure you can see that there has been vast improvements made and we managed to get 8 lanterns up, some balk chipping laid where we had removed the  playhouse and also topped up the soil in all the raised beds.

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