Tots 100 Home Club: Garden Challenge 3

I am back this month after a break on the bedroom challenge with the Tots 100 Home Club a garden challenge.

My garden was a mud pit 6 years ago.  What do I mean by that, well we live in a new build, so it has been a hard slog to get the garden in to any shape to be actually called a garden rather than just mud.  However, our needs have changed over the last year or so and we have had to get rid of the play house after the boys started using it as an obsticle course.  I was the words “jump of the roof and try to get on the middle of the whirlygigg” that finished it for me.  I had visions of my boys hanging themselves and they were actually using the house to climb on top of the six foot fence and try to walk across the top of it!

The garden is no longer a place for sandpits and flowers, it has become a large football pitch and this year all my solar lights have been destroyed by balls, my flowers beheaded and the hanging baskets swung from!

So I am going to try and focus on providing the boys the lawn are they need for ball games, relocate the whhirlygigg, look at indestructible garden lighting and finally look at toy storage.

I have asked the experts at Homebase how to deal with my bare patches of lawn on their Facebook App