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This week I have been spending time with the boys and we have had some pretty long road trips, which has took me right back to the time I used to spend in the car with my mum and dad as I was growing up.  we often travelled to Devon, Cornwall or Dorset on family holidays with the touring caravan and we would listen to dads cassettes in the car.  Back in those days you didn’t have to wear seat belts and I have vivid memories of the back seat being turned in to a bed with the foot wells being filled with a cool box and then all the bedding, so that we could sleep as we travelled. I also remember winding the windows down and not being able to wind them back up again.

My parents had pretty eclectic musical tastes ranging from Northern soul, funk, classical, pop and country, but the tunes that we listened to in the car would always be good old singalongs.

My Dad was a great lover of Elvis and this was his favorite Elvis song of all and it was a regular in the car.  The thing that really makes me smile playing this now and writing this for my boys is that my dad had Elvis hair too, with the big sideburns even when they were no longer the trend.  I used to love hearing him sing this song and it brings a huge smile to my face, even now all these years later.  So I present you Elvis Presley and Suspicious Minds.

I would love for you to join in too and fee free to come back and link any music song that you have this week.

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7 thoughts on “Tracks of my years

  • Karen Jones

    oh! one of my most favourite Elvis tracks. We too were an Elvis mad household growing up. I can still to this day remember my mother’s screams on the night he died : (
    A totally beautiful man with an amazing voice. Very few men could equal his gorgeousness when he was in his prime.
    I have linked the song that was “our” song when Nigel and I married, I posted it this week on my white approach blog post. xx

  • Emma

    I’m a huge Elvis fan! Think I might have to save my Elvis track for when I’m reminiscing about my visit to Graceland 🙂 xx

  • Becky

    Have visited all your linked songs. Excellent meme jen! Elvis Huge part of my childhood and me and mum did get to graceland together. so special x

  • jennie

    We also went on lots of long drives and listened to a whole range of music. From those journeys grew my love of 50s and 60s rock and roll x

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