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This week with Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married my mind has been cast back to the day that Prince Charles and Lady Dianna Spencer got married, which was 29 July 1982.  I vividly remember where I wasn and what we were doing as a family.

It was in the middle of shut down at the shipyard my Dad worked at, so it was when we took our main summer holiday in the caravan and this year we had gone to the English Riviera (Torquay).  I remember watching the wedding on the campsite on a tiny tiny TV that my mum and Dad had and then going out to celebrate along with what seemed like 1000 of others when I was small.  We were allowed to stay up and watch the fireworks and light show on the sea front.  I remember wearing a red, white and blue towelling top and having red deely boppers and a flag.  I remember my brother still bring in his pram.

When I think of that time the first song that sprung to mind was The Specials and Ghost Town, which I think must have been out around then.  I remember my Dad really loving this song, but Mum not being all that keen, although they both did like dancing to Ska.

I also remember 1981 being the year of the Brixton Riots, but as a child I thought this song was about a haunted town.  It is strange how something so old, can feel so contemporary, but I guess its message is just as relevant now with the current recession as it was then.


Tracks of my years, is a something I do to let my children have an insight in to me and my musical history and why certain songs mean so much to me.  I would love to see you join in.  All you need do is link any music post you might have done over the last week.

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9 thoughts on “Tracks of my years

  • Kelly

    Charles and Diana got married on my third birthday and we were on holiday in a tent in Cornwall! So we watched on a tiny TV in a friend’s caravan and then had birthday cake.

  • Tech

    Still love this song after all the years. Have done mine but couldn’t fathom how to add the link except above in comments bit.

  • Karen Jones

    You are making me feel really old. I was serving in Northern Ireland on the day of the royal wedding. I was off shift and spent the day in my PJ’s with 2 other soldier girls watching the whole event unfold. I remember being soooo disappointed when I saw Diana’s dress all wrinkled and creased after such a massive build up.
    It was a magical day though and a welcome break for us girls serving in the middle of a war zone at the height of the hunger strikes. One of my friends a bomb disposal man was blown up the very next day : (

  • Becky

    Sorry im so late to link up and havent doen i at all properly so like to join in though!! Will do it right next week 😉

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