Tracks of my years 5

Lots of people have first dances at weddings or “their song”.  This is something that MadDad and I just dont have.  We never did a first dance at our wedding, I know shoot me!  Music filled my filled when I got together with MadDad, we went to various festivals, gis and listened endlessly to music.

This song reminds me of courting, of the time spent roaming round country lanes over the moors and just generally happy Sundays in MadDads little Citroean AX.  We had no worries really, I lived in a tiny little flat and he still lived at home.  He would pick me up after he had played 5 a sude and we would spend the rest of the day exploring, listening to music and chatting away.  I look back on that time so fondly. Animal Nitate by Suede.


Tracks of my years, is a something I do to let my children have an insight in to me and my musical history and why certain songs mean so much to me.  I would love to see you join in.  All you need do is link any music post you might have done over the last week.

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