Tracks of my years meme 5

I started this blog as a record of my time with the Minimads. When started I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be with them and I wanted to leave them with an online journal of my thoughts, the things we were doing and a small window on my life. My blog has evolved over the years, as have I. I am no longer so scared that I am going to die, but I do still want the blog to be a window to my soul and give them a small insight in to the person who they call mummy.

This has actually become more important to me in the months since my mum died. I have so many questions I want to ask her, so many answers to things that I will never know. I know which longs she liked, but not why, not the stories behind them. So I have decided to do a weekly meme in which I will have a song that means something to me and also the reasoning behind it. It might not always been deep and meaningful, but I just want to give the boys a glimpse in to my life through music, especially as myself and MadDad were avid musos before the boys came along.

The plan is too host a blog hop type linky every Tuesday and I will post the first one on Tuesday 12 April and I would love for you to join in too.  There are no big rules or regulations, just a post that includes something about music.  To make sure that I don’t feel like Billy no mates on Tuesday I tag Pippa, Vic, Sally, Emma and Karen to make sure they have a post ready for Tuesday.  Oh and I will also have a lovely badge for you to download on Tuesday too.

5 thoughts on “Tracks of my years meme

  • Aly

    Count me in.I do have guest post on Tuesdays usually but I figure 2 posts in one day won’t hurt x

  • Emma

    I’d love to join in, fabulous idea. I loved music then, I love it now and it’ll be lovely to reminisce.

  • Susan mann

    Great idea, I am not a huge music fan. I have a couple of singers I like but music isn’t a great love in my life so not sure I will be posting on this but I’ll be there to read. x

  • Mañana Mama

    What a lovely thought, great idea for a meme. I agree, so important to record memories for the little ones before we forget them (the memories that is :).

    Now following, I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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