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Tracks of my years

I started this blog as a record of my time with the Minimads.  I started it as I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be with them and I wanted to leave them with an online journal of my thoughts, the things we were doing and a small window on my life.  My blog has evolved over the years, as have I.  I am no longer so scared that I am going to die, but I do still want the blog to be a window to my soul and give them a small insight in to the person who is their mummy.

This has actually become more important to me in the months since my mum died.  I have so many questions I want to ask her, so many answers to things that I will never know.  I know which longs she liked, but not why, not the stories behind them.  So I have decided to do a weekly meme in which I will have a song that means something to me and also the reasoning behind it.  It might not always been deep and meaningful, but I just want to give the boys a glimpse in to my life through music, especially as myself and MadDad were avid musos before the boys came along.

I am going to start with a childhood favorite, a song that I know all the words too and for me marks a time in my life when I was innocent, carefree and oh so happy.  I remember dancing away to this song at a flurry of birthday parties and doing the dance swinging my arms.  The Land of Make Believe by Bucks Fizz, which was released in 1981.

It is such a catchy, happy tune, which belies the sinister lyrics, which end with the spoken words of a child “I have a friend, who came to tea.  Who nobody else could see but me.  He came today, but had to go.  To visit you, you never know. It makes me think of presents, long frocks and pineapple, chese and picked onions on sticks.

I am going to post a tracks of my years song on a weekly basis (every Tuesday) and would love for people to join in too, but don’t feel you have to.  There are no rules, just post a song or a story that means something to you.

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