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Travel Bingo – A variation of Eye Spy

This Easter holidays we have had a lot of time travelling., both in the car and on the train and I am also trying to reduce the boys reliance on electronics and screens.  So I adapted our travel eye spy cards and turned them into bingo cards.  Bingo is our game of the moment after finding a second hand game at the charity shop recently and also attending the Easter Bingo charity night at the school.

car bingo 1

I might also consider letting the boys play online bingo if I could find a suitable child-friendly site with no money or gambling involved.

car bingo

These are really easy and simple to use.  All you have to do is click on the images below and enlarge them and then print them out in colour.    Then laminate them (we have a fab fellows Laminator).  I bought a pack of white board pens from the pound shop and the boys use them and wipe them clean with a tissue.

We give small prizes (snacks, pencils etc) for different things ie getting all four corners, a line or a full house.

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