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Travelling at Christmas – Tips to help Santa Find your family

This post about traveling at Christmas – Tips to help Santa find your family is in partnership with HomaAway.  I have always fancied going away somewhere for Christmas, but every time I have mentioned it in the past the boys have always been reluctant.  Finally this year I found out why…..

They have always worried that Father Christmas wouldn’t know where they were and that he couldn’t find them.  It turns out that my boys are not alone according to research by HomeAway over 50% of children worry that Father Christmas might lose track of where to drop off their Christmas presents if they go on holiday over the festive season.

Santa Strategies for Travelling Families

But they need to worry no longer as Reroute Santa has been launched by HomeAway.  It is a simple, interactive tool that lets children communicate with the North Pole about exactly where they will be celebrating Christmas this year.

Children using the site will even get a personalised e-letter back from Father Christmas, acknowledging the sleigh will take a detour for them this year.

Tips to help Santa Find your Family when Traveling

  1. Take a tradition with you.  Do you have an Elf routine?  If so take your elf with you when you travel.  Do you always leave Father Christmas a mince pie or Rudolf a carrot? Make sure you have them at your destination to do the same.  Perhaps you try to watch a Christmas movie or program.  Technology lets you do that still with apps like DisneyLife (where you can find a Christmas Carol)! You could always pack an advent calendar too.
  2. Take some Decorations from Home.  If you have room pack your stockings and some familiar decorations.  Alternatively, you can always buy some or even make some when you get to your destination.
  3. Take Animal Safe Reindeer Food with you. Keep the magic alive by sprinkling your reindeer food on Christmas Eve to guide them to you.
  4. Tell Santa where you will be.   Communicate with the North Pole to tell them exactly where you will be celebrating Christmas this year with Reroute Santa and he will send a personalised letter confirming that he knows how to get there.
  5. Track Santa via Norad.  This is something that we do with the boys at home and the brilliance of it is you can use it to show that Father Christmas visits where you are going.
  6. Create new traditions.  Perhaps you are traveling abroad, if so research traditions at your destination and join in with one.  Or if you are visiting family, do they have their own traditions you can join in with?
  7. You could make your own cardboard fireplace for him to come down.
Travelling at Christmas - Tips to help Santa Find your family

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