Trutex Uniform Review 2

You can never have enough school uniform when you have two boys that are as active as mine.  We have to have a clean set for every day of the week otherwise the washing machine would be on all the time.

So when the nice people at Trutex sent me some of their uniform to review, I was secretly delighted as the boys had already managed to go though quite a lot of what I bought for them in september.

I was really impressed with the quality of the products they sent.  The polo shirts and jumpers didn’t shrink when washed and tumble dried like some can and the trousers were lovely and soft, but also very durable.  Both the boys looked lovely in their uniforms and they have warn really well.  I love the fact that the jumpers are a lovely bright red and that the shirts do not need an iron if you give them a shake when you get them ut of the tumble dryer.  The whites have remained white and the collars on the polo shirts are the same colour as the rest of the shirt, which is great and haven’t gone grey in the wash. In fact if you know Mini, he really is just noise with muck on, so his school clothes get a lot of wear and a lot of washing and the Trutex ones are standing up very well to it.

Yes the jumpers do not come with the school logo on, but our embroidery shop in the village can add a logo on for £2.50, so in future I will be getting this done rather than buying the expensive branded jumpers from the school.

Size wise they are pretty much spot on for my boys and consistent throughout the range and the only issue I had with them was the trousers do not come with adjustable waists so we have had to resort to snake belts.  It is easy to find your nearest stockist on the Trutex web site.