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Tween approved coats

When it comes to kitting out the boys for the winter finding the right coats can be something of a challenge.  Firstly the British weather can be so changeable you never know if it is going to be cold, wet or both and then you have to take into account that I have children that hate the feeling of seams and labels against their skin. I hoped that this would be something that they grew out of, however, it has yet to happen, if anything, they have both got firmer in their stance and refuse to wear anything that they do not like!

Maxi at nearly 13 is now in XXS adult sizes and very picky about his coats.  This is compounded by the fact that he wears a blazer to school and gets the school bus, so has to wear a coat to the bus stop but always complains that the bus is far too hot!

So Trespass came to the rescue with a fabulous selection of coats for him to try and one for me too!  I know just what great quality Trespass coats are as we have bought Kids’ ski jackets and Kids’ salopettes from them in the past.  Plus both of the boys have their Kids’ fleeces too.

The thing that the boys both say about coats is they need to be comfortable, practical, warm, but not too warm and also not restrictive.  That part of not being restrictive is one of the biggest things.  If they are, then neither of them will wear them.  They want to be able to go out and play football, ride their bike or scooter and play cricket.  So Maxi has put all the coats through their paces.

Above is the Digby Mens Down Jacket and this was a big hit and is what Maxi is currently wearing as his go-to coat. It is incredibly lightweight, but also warm and comfortable.  A big plus it is can fold up really small and therefore, go into his school bag or locker and still look great once he gets it out.

Caspar DLX men’s waterproof jacket is a fabulous taped seam waterproof jacket which is great for wet days that are not too cold.  Mini put this to the test at a very rainy football match and he was dry as a bone underneath it and ended up with rather wet legs! Normally he hates waterproofs as he sweets in them but no so with this as it has zippable vents.

The Pathway Mens 3 in 1 Jacket really is the best of both worlds with a down inner like the Digby and a removable waterproof outer. This is such a versatile coat and perfect for my active nearly teenager.  I love that the inner is red meaning that when he wears it on its own he is easy to spot.

We have found the transition for children’s sizes to adults sizes something of a challenge.  Most of the time whilst we have found coats to fit on the body the arms have often been too long.  Not so here, they are fit really well but allowing for growth.