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My two weeks with the Cricut Explore – An interim review and thoughts

The Cricut Explore was released in the UK today and I have been lucky enough to have had one to play with for the last two weeks, so I wanted to share with you my thoughts from this first two weeks with this revolutionary machine.

First off I am going to admit that it has been Easter Holidays here and my number one priority is my boys, so it remained unboxed for three days and has only been played with in small chunks oe with them with me.

Secondly, I am going to admit that cutting is my kryptonite.  I hate cutting things, I do not have mad cutting skills and I love my Cricut Mini.

Lastly, this was a gift from Cricut, however, my views are always my own, honest (to a fault) and that I have an ongoing relationship with Cricut and am going to be providing them and you with some projects.

The Unboxing Experience


I have admitted that the Cricut Explore
remained in its box for three days before I had a 20 minute chunk of time to devote to it.  I thought it would take me this long to set it up.  I was wrong.  It took 7 minutes to get the machine out of the box to pluged in and working and that was with a 7 year old helping.

unboxing the cricut explore

Normally with machines and boxes, you have to have one person open the box and the other tug at the internal packaging to get it out.  Not so the Cricut Explore, there are little tags to remove the packaging and then the machine is in a tote bag and comes out so easily.

Mini and I had the machine plugged in and in place in seven minutes and ready to cut.  We didn’t even look at the instructions!

In the box you get everything you need to get started, including a 12 by 12 cutting mat, a pen (yes the Cricut Explore can cut and draw at the same time)!, samples to cutting materials. a tote bag and all the cables you need.

Using the Cricut Explore


Using the Cricut Explore
really is childsplay.  Both Mini and Maxi have created projects over the Easter holidays on the our machine.  They found the new project center and Cricut design space simple to use and very intuitive. and not once did we get the instruction booklet out.  There will be more on their projects over the coming weeks.

The Cricut Explore
really does make cutting, designing and making projects simple, easy and what’s more they look amazing.

Our intial review on Cricut eXPLORE

What we love about the Cricut Explore


Both me and the boys love the new Cricut Explore.  I want to say it really is a revolutionary machine and will change the way I craft and create.

  1. It cuts over 40 different materials including fabric, felt, wood veneer, vinyl, freezer paper, cardstock and much more with just the turn of a dial.
  2. It is quiet, so I can craft and cut when the boys are in bed (yes I am a midnight crafter)!
  3. It is so easy to use.  Both the machine and software is usable without even reading the instructions.
  4. You can design on the machine – YES, this means you can use your own images or design them.
  5. Is makes crafting inspirational, not aspirational.  It gives you the ability to produce fantastic items.
  6. They have a try before you buy on their image library and you can have access to this online for £7.99 a month or for a single image at 79p or for all year at £79.99.

I don’t say this lightly but they really have thought of everything.  There were a few things that I felt the machine needed like a wireless access and I have since found out that a bluetooth adapter is due out in the next six months as is an interface with tablets.

I have only had the machine two weeks, but yesterday met with Kim from The TomKat Studio and Mandi from Vintage Revivals and these two amazing American bloggers have had their machines from September last year.  So take a look at what they thought of the Cricut Explore.

Cricut Explore the easons

Also just look at these amazing items, which were all made on the Cricut Explore by the very talented Suzie from Cricut.

Disclosure: Review based on a free sample

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