Ultimate summer activities lists and bored Jar lists 37

We long time I’m Bored Jar users and I wouldn’t be without one.  With the summer holidays coming now is the perfect time to put together yours and we have an amazing selection of summer activities that are perfect for your bored jars.


Make a Bored Jar

You can really use any jar or container that you have in the house.  I used a kilner jar that we had in the kitchen and cut out some paper to make a label and also a tag to make it all pretty!

Ultimate summer activities lists and bored Jar lists

Print this year’s summer activity list (with over 150 activities)

Click to download this year’s Ultimate bored jar in PDF format

bored jar list 1bored jar list page 2bored jar list page 3bored jar list page 4

bored jar list page 5bored jar list page 5

Previous years Activity lists

So rather than hunt down all my previous posts, I wanted to share with the previous lists, just click on the image and you will be taken to the post.

ultimate bored jar activity list


Ultimate Spring Bored Jar Activity list

100 summer activities

 Great Summer Activities from around the Web


Over 1000 activities for over the summer

We printed our activities this year on vivid card 220 gsm.

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