Unlock the world of travel and real estate: buy property in Dubai Hills Estate

Property prices in Dubai Hills Estate for foreigners have been growing for the second year; this fact is the best confirmation that a global crisis is looming. Premium real estate is the best investment vehicle, it is liquid and usually only grows in price. Experts predict that the price will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Why Dubai Hills Estate is a prime destination for real estate investment

In Dubai Hills Estate, I provide many opportunities for living in villas, townhouses, and apartments. Prices for apartments range from AED 625,000 to AED 1 million. Villas are a priori more expensive: from AED 1.5 million to AED 4.7 million. Equipped townhouses are estimated from AED 1 million to AED 3.6 million.

All experts predict that after the end of COVID-19 prices will rise in the next five years.

The real estate market has always been a “safe haven” that has been saving capital during economic storms. Dubai Hills Estate – created in such a modern and original way that there is a great chance not only to save but also to increase money, despite the rushing inflation in the United States and the European Union.

Explore the diverse range of property options in Dubai Hills Estate

The Dubai Hills Estate was built by architects as a city within a city. The residential complex is located between the centre of Dubai and the Arabian Ranches. The international airport can be reached within 15 minutes. There are expressways nearby.

When buying real estate, users are guided by the categories on which the price depends:

  1. Area.
  2. Location of the object.
  3. View from the windows.
  4. Amenities.
  5. Finishing.
  6. Security system and much more.

1-3 bedroom apartments are in the greatest demand.

Villas and townhouses have an area between 1,000 m2 (three bedrooms) and 3,500 m2 (seven bedrooms). The standard price for a three-bedroom villa is AED 4.35 million and for a four-bedroom option – AED 5.35 million.

Seamlessly combine travel and real estate investment in Dubai

Jeep driving in the desert is one of the big entertainment of young people. We recommend buying a tour and making a trip around the neighbourhood. In the early morning (when the heat has not yet come), it is necessary to drive to the highest dune and examine the surroundings. The view is grandiose when the gold of the sands is illuminated by the rising sun.

Hajjar Mountains

This mountain range is located a hundred kilometres from the capital, and lies on the border with the emirate, not far from Oman. There are many cliffs, cliffs, and canyons. The beds of dried-up rivers make a special impression. The Martian landscape makes an indelible impression with its original color and grandeur.


During the tourist season, most tourists go to the beaches. The coastline is long, the further it goes, the more it increases in size. City beaches are 100% adapted for a comfortable stay, the water is clean, and there is the necessary infrastructure around:

  1. Al Mamzar is a very wide beach. From the point of view of ecology, it is an ideal place. It stretches for many kilometers and goes beyond the horizon. Many vacationers prefer to lie on the sand under palm trees. You can rent a chaise longue and an umbrella; there are small cafes, showers, and changing rooms.
  2. Palm Beach Jumeirah – located next to an artificial island similar to a palm tree. Only those who rent housing here can use it. Hotels and residential settlements are located around the perimeter.
  3. Jumeirah Beach Residence is considered fashionable not only among young people. The length does not exceed two kilometers. Very close to hotels, and embankments for hiking.
  4. Jumeirah Public Beach – the beach is located in the area of the central old district of Bur Dubai. Here we see an amazing combination of historical buildings and modern shopping centers.

Some beaches are located at hotels and are also popular. Everyone can use the services; you need to pay a small amount of money.

In summer, during the day, the temperature rises to 45℃, and there are swimming pools with cool water and other services on the territory. Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Experience the thrill of owning property in Dubai and exploring its attractions

Probably, the most acute positive emotions can be experienced when you see: that your child is happy. Dubai is one of the few megacities where there is everything you could want for a holiday with children:

  1. Excellent living conditions;
  2. Delicious dishes and desserts;
  3. Playgrounds and attractions;
  4. Zoo, water park.

Wild Wadi is a large water amusement park, one of the best in the world. Stylized to the motifs of the tale of Sinbad the sailor. In the center there is a river on which unique children’s attractions are located:

  1. Rapid descents.
  2. Pools with waves up to 4 meters for surfing.
  3. Waterfalls and much more.

Wonderland – there are so many children’s entertainments here that a separate book will be needed to describe them. Divided into three sectors:

  1. Main Street – stylized as a small town, where a myriad of children’s games are located. Magicians, fakirs, and clowns roam the streets.
  2. Theme park. Here you can find a lot of carousels, swings, and go-karts. There are trampolines where kids fly up a few meters.
  3. Splash land. The water park is designed for the youngest (2-5 years old); there are also much interesting entertainments here.

Having bought a property in Dubai Hills Estate, you can take walks with your children every week, after that their childhood will be happy.


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