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Right I have had my thinking cap on and will be doing most of my up and coming Crafting with Children projects on advent and Christmas and now as this is a busy time of year for every one, I thought it wise to give you all a heads up on some of the things we may need and the projects:
The basics
Paints (not ELC as they are NOT washable, even though they say they are)
Sequins and pretties (poundland does confetti)
Card stock, basic white will do, but other colours too
4 votives or t-light holders
garden greenery
paper plates
Felt (again I saw some in poundland)
pine cones
cotton wool
Main Projects
Christmas Cards
Easy and Safe (ish) Advent Wreath
Advent Angels
Shepperd’s and Sheep
Star decorations
Wise Men
Reindeer food
The plan is to post the weeks idea with a basic tutotal on a Monday.  I would more than weclome any guest posters or any ideas that anyone has to be included.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Craft Projects

  • The Dotterel

    Excellent – a kit list! There's nothing worse than seeing/reading about something really exciting to make, then finding you haven't quite got all the bits you need. We're going shopping…

  • Floss

    Brilliant! Do you want to link your Advent craft to my Advent thingie? (Details, such as they are, on today's post).

  • Playing by the book

    This sounds like such a good idea – and you know I always love to get crafty with the kids! Actually popped by to say congrats on making it so high up the top 100 list – well done! See you again soon

  • Dawn/LittleGreenFingers

    Great idea. I shall return in full Blue Peter mode next week to see what's on the craft agenda.

    Also, congrats on the top 100 list and thanks for popping over to mine!

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