Update on my word of the year – Nurture 47

We are now two weeks in to January and I thought I would update you on how I am getting on with my word of the year and my intentions for 2014.

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Over on A Thrifty Mum, I have been documenting my decluttering efforts, which are going really well and I am pleased to say that slowly but surely I am simplifying our home and belongings.  I am learning that I also need to nurture the environment we live in making life easier for all of us.  With this in mind I have decided to get our tumble dryer repaired.  I haven’t used the dryer for over a year as it has been broken and have found drying the washing such a chore this winter.

With regards to nurturing myself I have appointments with numerous specialists to discuss my condition and I am also having regular blood tests to ensure that things do not get to the stage they did before Christmas.  I understand that by keeping on top of it I can really make an impact on all of my family.  So this really is key for us all.

Sewing lessons also start again next week and I am really looking forward to spending time with a fab group of ladies and my sewing machine.  I started on Capturing Childhood Manual Overdrive e course this week too.

Each lunch time I take Alvin out for a walk and it is doing me the world of good to get out of the house and experience some sunshine.

MadDad and I are also making time to have movie nights together and enjoying our evening time together.  We have plans to have more lunches together and spend quality time together.

I am also learning to say “no” to things.  I ask myself the question “will this nurture me and my family?”

It is early in the year, but things are going well at the moment and by having a word to focu on it is really making me think and evaluate what I am doing.


47 thoughts on “Update on my word of the year – Nurture

  • Miss Thrifty

    Oooh, sewing lessons! That sounds so much fun. One of my NY’s Resolutions is to get back into using my sewing machine, but right now it’s
    just me, bobbins and a couple of YouTube vids (glurk).

  • Kirsty

    Saying ‘No’ is the hardest for me but it can make such a difference. I know how difficult it is to change habits of a lifetime. It sounds like you are on the right track and it is great to hear that your January is turning out to be so productive.

  • Ali

    Sounds like you are doing so well Jen. I read your A Thrifty Mum post yesterday (That blog never allows me to comment 🙁 !) and sounds like you are doing fantastically with the de-cluttering especially tackling the emotional stuff which as I know is very hard. It is a great feeling to have though and a de-cluttering also gives us some much more room in our head too!

    Having a dog to walk is such a bonus and so good for you as no matter what you really feel you have to go out. Which is where I am off now to walk my two for a bit of fresh air, no sun today though! x

  • Vicky

    I think that a spirit of nurturing is a wonderful way to enter 2014. It implies a spirit of love and gentle sustained growth, which I think you are tackling exceptionally well. Hope you enjoy the sewing 🙂

  • Lori

    The Capturing childhood course sounds fab, I’d love to hear how it goes. Glad to hear your managing to take some time to nourish yourself xx

  • The Reading Residence

    This is a wonderful word to choose, and it sounds as thought it’s really helping. Love that you are getting quality time for yourself and are saying ‘no’ to things now, so important for your health & sanity. Lovely update x

    • Jen Walshaw Post author

      The Reading Residence » Thank you. it has taken a while, but i have learned if I look after me then I am much better at looking after everyone else

  • Fritha

    I did that course last year although never got round to finish it! I must take a look at my notes again! it was great to teach me to get off manual! x

  • anna

    I could not cope without our tumble dryer!
    Good luck with all your nurturing resolutions. Saying no more is one i need to take on board for myself too

  • Jenny

    I love January as it always makes me re-asses everything. I’m decluttering too and the local charity shops are really benefiting which makes me feel happy 🙂

  • Healthier Mummy

    I love the idea of being more nurturing to ourselves. Like you, I’ve also got sewing lessons on my list of things to do, and spending more time with my husband. You’ve inspired me to think of more ways that I can nurture myself. Thank you.

  • Orli D

    Even though it is still early in the year it sounds to me that you are definitely on the right track. Everything you wrote sounds so…. Good. Just plain old good. It is so important – sunshine and air, couple time, me time, doctors… I am so happy for you that you find the time and energy to do all these things that nurture you (though I am a bit jealous. I have to do more for me)

  • Marylin

    I’m sorry, did you say sunshine?
    Taking Alvin out for a walk at lunchtime… to enjoy sunshine?
    What *is* that??
    You mean it’s not been horribly grey and pouring with rain and being all horrible and windy?
    I just… what?

    (seriously though, I’ve been doing the WOTY concept since 2011 and it’s made *such* a big difference to the way I do things! I’ve come to the conclusion that my single word that encompasses everything I’d like to achieve this year is DO. I want to DO more, more with the kids, with the dogs, with myself (ok that sounded dodgy, I mean like, you know… I’ve started going to the gym and stuff. OK and I would like to at least go on a few dates too. *cough*). Time to start DOing instead of waiting.

    Sunshine though…

    • Jen Walshaw Post author

      Marylin » Can I just say how much I love you. Yes it is grey, yes it is dull, yes it is currently raining. I am trying to remin positive here! Now the gymn is really a step too far for me at the moment! So get DOing

  • Gillian

    I never choose a word for the year, but I think it’s a great idea. It sets you up with a good mindset. Love your choice this year, I have to say. x

  • Peggy L. Wiggins

    While I thoroughly enjoy sewing, my sewing machine experience has been really limited. In fact, I have been blissfully sewing away on my Bernina Sport 801 for most of my sewing life. It’s probably about as old as I am. This machine is fantastic – I love it. It’s not the easiest machine to lug around – it’s pretty heavy, but I like that it feels sturdy. I don’t do a lot of fancy stuff – mainly all I sew are straight lines with a 1/4″ seam allowance. I also don’t do very much quilting with my machine other than mini quilts and some baby quilts. If I were doing a lot of machine quilting, I would probably get frustrated because it has such a narrow throat. But for what I do use my machine for, it’s awesome. So basically my only advice thus far has been, decide what your needs are (now and future) and get the best machine you can afford. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, don’t get them. But I’d really love to be able to point folks to something a lot more concrete than that. This is the part where I’d love your help.

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