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Can you believe I have been blogging for seven years and only just made the move to using an Editorial Calendar, specifically CoSchedule.  I have been using it for 3 months now and wouldn’t be without it, so thought the time had come to share with you my thoughts on using CoSchedule  as an editorial calendar.

Up until now I have been using a paper system, which works well, but I decided to integrate CoSchedule in my normal day to day routine and it has been great and saved me time and my sanity which is great.

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Using an Editorial Calendar – CoSchedule review

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I love that I can see all my posts at a glance in a calendar style and also all the associated scheduled social media for those days too.

I can move the posts by just dragging and dropping them to another day, which makes managing my calendar super simple. Oh and even better all the associated scheduled social media posts move too, which saves so much time.

Oh and did I say you do not have to be in wordpress to do this, you can login to the CoSchedule website and do this from there too.

Social Media Integration

See that small blue box with number on?  Well that is the social analytics, where you can see at a glance how your social media posts are performing.

I use CoScedule to post to twitter, G+ (via buffer) and occasionally to facebook, but it also keeps track of your repins on Pinterest too.

Scheduling social media posts is simple and you can do it at the same time as writing your original post and schedule as little or as many as you want.

This video is great at explaining  CoScedule a little more:

Other Integrations:

CoScedule integrates with so many different programs, automating what I previously manual had to do including connecting to my bitly account, automatically creating short urls for my messages allowing me to  track my links from the bitly account center.

It also integrates with Buffer, which I use for scheduling to Google +, this allows me to post to Mum in the Mad House’s G+ page (and nor my personal profile) and also allows me to use Buffer to queue my G+ posts.

It also integrates with your Google analytics automatically adding UTM tracking tags to all of your links for better tracking.


top posts

CoScedule gives you a great at glance idea of how your posts are performing.  Enabling you to reshare top performing posts and work on posts that are not performing as well as you expected.

Managing Contributors: 

I run Mum in the Mad House on my own, but CoScedule is a great tool for managing your contributors too.


CoScedule isn’t free, but I think it is great value for money at $10 a month, plus if people sign up using your referral code you get 10% off too (yes this post is full of my referral codes!).  Also I will get a 50% discount for writing this review.  But if I wasn’t going to keep usinging it then I wouldn’t even be looking for a 50% discount – so yes I love CoScedule and am going to be using it for the foreseeable future.


Free Trial:

If you like what you’re reading, go ahead and start a free trial.  There’s nothing like trying it out for yourself!

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