Utilise your time: Make your car & tyres ready

Utilise your time: Make your car & tyres ready is a paid collaborative post with Ossett Tyre House. Now a lot of us are at home during the lockdown, we can use this time to do things that we don’t normally have the time to do as once the lockdown is over, things will resume their normal state. The best way to manage your time is to do things you normally can’t do because of the daily hustle and bustle. One thing that this pandemic has taught us is: to never compromise on safety.

If you drive your car with kids or just to run errands, you have to be confident about your car’s health. These simple tips will keep you busy and you can prepare your car to be roadworthy when the commute is back to normal.

Our kid’s safety truly depends on the condition of our vehicle. We all are guilty in one way or the other for ignoring our vehicle. Procrastination only gives birth to bigger problems later. A smart approach is to follow these quick tips while you are at home!

Check your engine

The engine is the soul of your car and you should inspect is visually so there are no leakages or intertwined cables. Pay close attention to the wiring and see if any liquid is being spilt. 

Car brakes

Brakes provide the right amount of friction when you are driving and if the brake system is not functional, you can be more prone to accidents. Check your brake pads and see if anything feels out of place.

Tyre inspection

Examine your tyres for any cuts or bulges. If there are visible signs of damage, you should not ignore it. Driving locally becomes problematic if you have bad tyres. For example, If you are in Wakefield – you should mentally be prepared for any road congestions. Once things go back to normal, traffic flow is predicted to enhance as well. You should book an appointment for later if you feel your tyres are not up to the mark. Ossett Tyre House is a local garage in Wakefield and they can help you find right tyres in Wakefield. Their space is fully sanitised and you can call for more assistance +44 1924 271081

De-clutter your car

Your car needs to be clean and you should de-clutter so you can improve your vehicle’s interior. Make use of any cleaning sprays and make your car germ free.