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I love reviewing cars, actually I love driving cars! I didn’t learn to drive until I was pregnant with Mini 12 years ago and since then I have relished the fact that I can drive the freedom it provides me.   We have just had the Vauxhall Crossland X for a week and this is what we thought of it.

Vauxhall Crossland X review 2017

I am the demographic that the Crossland X is targeted it.  it is kind of a Chelsea Tractor without the price tag, size or 4 wheel drive! The all-new Crossland X’ says the Vauxhall website, ‘raising a family and some eyebrows” and the Pjamama Mama’s advert it totally cringeworthy but the tune is a real earworm. But I do love the Mamas Uncut adverts!

We are a two car family.  We have a Peugeot 307 SW and I drive a Citroen C3.  We use the larger car for weekends away and the husband drives it on a day to day basis.  Snotrod (as my car is called – it is green) is a real mum taxi and used for ferrying the kids about and shopping etc.

The Ride

The Crossland X is Vauxhall’s take on an urban SUV kind of like a Meriva with a bigger boot. The height of the car works well for me with tweens as it gives them plenty of head room in the rear, however, I am not sure that you could get three car seats in the back easily. But for two bigger boys with no car seats, it was roomy and comfortable.  Everyone sits high and has a good view out.

It is also comfortable for the passenger, however, as a driver I felt like it took some getting used to especially the weird parking break.  The model that we had came with lots of extras that we loved including LED headlights and rear parking camera and sensor, which make it super easy to drive.

Boot space is great too – we managed to fit everything we needed for a weekend away at Nozstock in it comfortably with room to spare.

We LOVED the gadgets

Where Vauxhall really wins is with its OnStar app, which connects all Crosslands to the outside world. It’ll summon help if you crash or break down, you can use it as an extra key and to set the sat nav too.  The kids loved it as it 4G Wi-Fi enabled, which you can connect up to 7 devices.  This car really is perfect for protecting your most precious cargo – the children.

The car also has apple car play so we could all stream music from our iPhones made even easier by the front having two USB ports and you also get front and rear 12V outlets.

The Drive

This is where we differed.  The husbeast found the Crossland X SE a little slow and unresponsive, but then he is used to driving a more powerful car.  On the other hand, I really enjoyed it.  It did well on the country lanes where we live and was great in the town too.  I think it was more down to expectations that anything with the car! The fact that the model we tested had automatic windscreen wipers and lights was brilliant for the soggy summer.  Cruise control is also brilliant for those motorway journeys.

We did have to turn off the lane control especially locally on our country lanes as it kept vibrating at us if it thought we crossed a line without indicating.

Would We Buy One?

As a replacement for my small car, then yes we would.  The boys were much more comfortable in the rear and felt as though they had space to move and grow.  I liked the height of the car and all the extras and gadgets that you get.

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Disclosure:  We reviewed the Crossland X SE With an on the road retail price of £21,865, but they start at £18,715