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Vegan Perfume and Cruelty-Free Aftershave

More and more people are choosing to take the cruelty-free option when it comes to fragrances and cosmetics. Honestly, I never really considered that some perfume and aftershave weren’t vegan until I was looking for a gift for a vegan friend.

I love that a lot of our youth and younger people are really conscious of where things they use come from and how they are made, so when Dolma, who make vegan perfume and cruelty-free aftershave asked if we were interested in trying some of their products, we jumped at it. Vegan is all the rage and will continue to be so. Billie Eilish released a vegan perfume line last year.

When you think about it musk is a scent that is added to a lot of fragrances and that certainly isn’t vegan – this can sometimes be from civet (which is a small mammal related to a mongoose and the musk is derived from the animals’ anal gland). In fact, the more you look into what can go into a fragrance -castoreum comes from the beavers’ sacs, musk from the sheath of the male musk deer and Ambergris which is found in sperm whales vomit, the more I want to wear vegan fragrances that involve no animal-derived ingredients or animal testing.

They sent us the Discovery Box Set of 4 x 9ml Aftershave/Cologne which my 17-year-old claimed as soon as it came through the door. 3 out of the 4 aftershaves he loves and the other one he gave to his dad! I think that discovery sets are a great way of working out what fragrance works for you as they often smell different in the box to what they do on the person.

Dolma is an independent British company that has been offering vegan perfumes and aftershave since 1982 using only ingredients that are sustainable and ethical. The fragrances contain no parabens, palm oil, phthalates or animal ingredients.

I have been wearing their Midnight Velvet perfume and numerous people have commented on how nice I smell! It is a timeless classic with top notes of saffron and tonka, middle notes of jasmine and amber and base notes of fir resin, cedar, and golden amber.

I really feel that vegan beauty and vegan perfume brands are the way forward and are brilliant gifts for teenagers, but don’t take our word for it, enter the competition below to try for yourself and if you sign up for Dolma’s newsletter they will send you a 15% off code.

Win a bottle of Dolma Vegan Perfume and or Aftershave

135 thoughts on “Vegan Perfume and Cruelty-Free Aftershave”

  1. I had never thought about if perfumes were vegan or not. I am shocked to hear how many scents contain animal products

    1. Kayleigh Strudwick

      Never realised that perfumes contain animal products, definitely something I will check in future

  2. Gemma van Geffen

    It had never crossed my mind that perfumes would or would not be vegan. I love the smell of lavender

  3. My favourite smell is rain after it’s been so hot, petrichor. It’s such a beautiful smell!

  4. Freesias and stocks growing in the garden on a hot, summer’s day; their fragrance is absolutely my favourite smell.

  5. I love different smells for different occasions something light and fresh during the day, something a little different at night. Love Marc jacobs daisy

  6. I love the smell of sweet pea flowers, my mam grows them in her garden they are just beautiful

  7. I preferred white musk when I was younger but as I have gotten older lavender is my go to scent.

  8. Mine is daisy by Marco Jacob my daughter is named daisy and it just reminds me of her every time I smell it

  9. Hmm, it’s hard to pick just one favorite smell, but I really enjoy the scent of freshly baked cookies! 🍪😊

  10. My favourite type of scent is patchouli and sandalwood for a masculine scent; or warm vanilla scents for candles around the house. My preference changes depending on how I feel!

  11. My favourite smell is freshly cut grass, I love to have a walk in the park while the grass is being cut

  12. Clementines are my favourite scent especially as they remind me of Christmas, my favourite time of year.

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