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I am a huge advocate of encouraging kids in the kitchen and my boys cook with me at least once a week.  Sometimes getting kids to eat new foods and choose a healthy option can be a battle, but I find with my boys that they are much more likely to eat things that they have actually cooked.

We have homemade pizza approximately once a week and this version made with whole grains is a new version to us, but looks and sounds delicious, but more than that it is perfect for cooking with kids.

Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza 2

Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza Recipe

Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza recipe

This recipe shows that healthy doesn’t have to mean it doesn’t taste nice.  The Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza  has 451 calories per serving, as well as two portions of wholegrain and three of your 5 A Day.

Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza

Can you believe that according to Wholegrain Goodness, a non-profit organisation for the promotion of healthy wholegrains recent survey that three in ten children think healthy eating is boring, a quarter think healthy food doesn’t taste nice and nearly two thirds don’t think it’s important to eat healthily!

Part of the issue may be the lack of experience children have of preparing food with only a quarter regularly help make meals, with twice as many boys than girls having never helped prepare a family meal. Despite this, more than one in three say they would like to cook more.

Why not order your free Wholegrain Goodness recipe booklet with some great healthy family friendly recipes.


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