Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review


We were sent some Roast Beef Walkers Hoops and Crosses to review.  Along with a fab monkey, who Mini named Mack.

Hoops and crosses are a whole wheat based snack and they are a great way of getting more whole grain in to children and this is something that most children are lacking in.  So they seem a great ideas.  The neauticinal information is below:

  • 56% whole­grain corn meal per bag.
  • 85 calo­ries per bag.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • They are baked
  • Hoops and Crosses come in three flavours,  Roast Beef, Prawn Crack­ers and Salt and Vinegar

Sadly, the bag remained like below for the best part of a day


For alas neither of the boys were at all keen on them.   They really didn’t like the strong roast beef flavour and in the end MadDad ate them and informed me they were a lot like Monster Munch in texture.

I decided that I really liked the idea of Hoops and Crosses and picked up a six pack of salt and vinegar (£1.89 in asda or 3 packs for £4) and they went down much better.