Washi Tape Easter Cards 23

Whilst we were busy with the washi tape we decided to have a go at making some easter cards.  Again we used our Cricut Mini, but it was super simple and the MiniMads’ were certainly in charge.  Not only did they chose the tape combination, but they picked the images and words too!

Washi Tape Easter Cards


  1. A6 White Cards
  2. Washi Tape
  3. Cricut Mini
  4. Blank cards

What we did:

The boys stuck washi tape over card, but you could also use any artwork that your child has done, which would love ace.

We used A6 cards as we can get two on to the Cricut mat and cut them both at the same time.  This activity shows you just how easy it is for the boys to use the Cricut Mini.  They designed the cards and I love them.  They are a take on the aperture cards I used to make with my mum when I was younger.

washi tape appature easter cards

My initial thoughts were to cut an additional front for the cards and to stick the washi tape on to the card and cut the additional card, but by cutting the card and placing the washi tape covered insert behind it the cards had a much more finished look.

You really don’t need a cricut mini to make cards like this, you could use a craft punch.

Easter cards

If you have younger children then why not have a go at some of our other Easter Cards that we have made in previous years.