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Washi Tape Easter Garland

We are big fans of washi tape in The Mad House.  We use it all the time for homemade cards and even for covering eggs.  So it was the natural choice to make a washi tape easter garland out of it.

Washi tape easter garland

How to make a Washi Tape Easter Garland


  1. Washi Tape
  2. Cardboard
  3. Butchers Twine
  4. Egg shaped punch, Cricut Mini or scissors!
  5. Mini (1/8 inch) hole punch

How to:

One thing my boys love is getting hold of all my washi tape and covering card with it.  We decided to cover the card fist for this project and then cut it, but you can cut the card and cover it if you prefer.

cricut eggs

The boys then fitted 8 egg shapes on to the cricut craftroom software and we put the washi covered cardboard through to be cut.  We also cut some smaller ones with the punch.

We then used the small hole punch to make two holes in the top of each egg shape and threaded butchers twine through it.

washi tape easter egg garland

Sometimes the simplest crafts are the most effective.

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