Washi Tape Magnets 5

I adore things that I can make and do that take no time at all and use things that I already have in the house.  Perfect when I need a moments “me time” in this house of chaos I live in.  When I saw this fab project on Make It, Do It, I pinned it for when I needed a moments creative space.

It is a really simple project and a perfect way for using up any magnets that you get free.  I had a couple that we had received that were on our fridge.  I carefully pealed off the label, which thankfully came away very simply and left some adhesive on the magnet allowing me to apply some white paper on to it so that the tape which can be translucent had a good backing.


If it doesnt all you need to do is take some white acrylic paint and allow it to dry before the next step. I thought it was very apt that my magnet was all about recycling!

I then took a selection of my tape and stuck it to the paper on the magnet.  As it is self adhesive this is all you need to do.

I used my guillotine to cut between the strips of tapes and  and then used scissors to make the ends look as though they have been torn.