Ways Landscape Gardeners Can Improve The Sound Of Your Garden

Ways Landscape Gardeners Can Improve The Sound Of Your Garden

Yes, you read the title correctly. No, we’re not talking gibberish!

The natural world engages all of our senses. There’s not just sight to account for but touch, taste, and sound. We’re focusing on the latter point in this article, especially as nature’s noises can benefit one’s mental and emotional well-being greatly.

Many of nature’s sounds come… well, naturally. However, landscape gardeners can facilitate an ambience and create outdoor spaces that sing!

So, without further ado, here are some ways landscape gardeners can improve the sound of your garden.

Introducing Wildlife

Your garden doesn’t belong to you alone. It’s also shared with a host of critters, birds, and other creatures.

These little lives also bring with them some delightful chirping and twittering, contributing to the ambience of outdoor space. Though you may not always see them, you can often hear them, and that alone can be enough to supply you with feelings of peace and contentment.

At first, it might seem like hanging a birdfeeder is enough to coax some creatures into your garden. However, there’s more to these matters than that. These efforts are a precise science, part of creating a balanced ecosystem where various creatures can thrive rather than a select few. Landscape gardeners contribute greatly to balancing those scales.

Of course, this is highly specialist work, and not every landscape gardener can oversee these tasks with the levels of care and dedication required. Find vetted and well-reviewed local landscape gardeners near you with MyBuilder. Post the specific requirements of your job and field responses from tradespeople as they reach out to you. Browse their work history before chatting, and have a chat with them before making commitments. Prep any questions you may have in advance.

Incorporating Sound Suppressants

Not all noises in the garden space are welcome. Landscape gardeners can appreciate that completely.

Landscape gardeners can recommend and install sound suppressants. These nifty little inclusions control the flow of sound and help you better secure the sound you desire. The experts may:

  • Help you install gazebos and pergolas strategically as sound buffers.
  • Give you varying options of soft surfaces to incorporate – ground covers, lush lawns, wild grass areas.
  • Plant bushes, plants, and trees to serve as sound buffers at garden borders, potentially warding off noise pollution from the outside world.

Gardens can be hubs of calm and sanctuaries of peace. Disruptive noises can undermine all that. Control the sound waves with some creative landscaping, and a secluded ambience can be created.

Choosing Materials

You’ve likely heard before that acoustics matter in areas like recording studios and concert venues. The same frame of mind can be applied to garden spaces too.

Acoustics can welcome wildlife to your garden. After all, there are certain insects and birds that rely on specific ambiences or uninterrupted frequencies to communicate. By meticulously arranging your garden in a way that perfects sound, your outdoor spaces are far more likely to attract various creatures.

Reputable landscape gardeners can recommend materials that will boost the sound quality of the space. Sound-reflective surfaces like concrete and stone walls can reflect sound waves, making them ideal for creating sensitive areas for listening to the ambience you’ve created. Some people install sound-absorbing panels along their fences too, but such a display may be unsightly. It all comes down to preference, though!  

If you have any doubts or concerns over which material is likely to regulate sound best in your garden, you can always call the experts. They should be happy to provide some clarity, advising you on which materials might be best for your budget and overall ambience needs. Discuss these matters to your heart’s content, and be open to ideas you may not have initially expected.

Installing Water Features

Many people love a good water feature. Some stores even bring them back by popular demand as people marvel at how beautiful and immersive these inclusions can be.

Are there any sounds more satisfying than the soft trickling of nearby water? We don’t think so! It conveys comfort and tranquillity so well. The soft trickling can be the perfect ambience for reading out in the sun or enjoying leisure time with friends.

Landscape gardeners can have a hand in installing water features, so it may be worth consulting them too. They can help with design and planning, preparing the site, and even choosing a water feature early on. Remember, water features come in many different shapes and sizes, and they’ll all have their own unique sounds. Shop around and research to see what’s best for you.

Enjoying Outdoor Speakers

Landscape gardeners can help you create some areas where tech can be seamlessly incorporated into your green spaces. If you’re running cables under the lawn or mounting speakers in hidden-away areas of your garden, these professionals can help.

Of course, once you have a speaker installed, you can theoretically listen to almost anything. The more hidden the speaker is, the more immersive the listening experience can be. Speakers could even surround the garden. Get creative!