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Ways to save on home improvement projects

Ways to save on home improvement projects

Have you been dreaming of beautiful, wide-open spaces, filled with light and beauty? We all do, from time to time, but have you been tempted to take the plunge, grab the sledgehammer and make your dream a reality? For many, home improvement is a fun project to tackle head-on, and for others, it’s a hassle to get over and done with as soon as possible. Whatever your situation, here are some tips to save time, money and hassle on your project!

5 Ways to save on home improvement projects.  Tips for saving money on improvement projects. Ways to make your money go further.

Think about the long-term cost implications

You could save or you could spend – a lot more than you might expect! Not only should you plan your home improvement project meticulously, you should also think about your LAP (Life After Project). It may seem difficult to see the end result in your mind’s eye when everything is covered in dust sheets, but it can be good to imagine your life in your newly renovated home. While it will be beautiful, comfortable and a marked improvement, how much extra money might you pay for energy and maintenance? A home improvement project could save you time and money in the long run or it could incur extra hidden costs. If you want to save money, it pays to plan for every detail and to understand the costs involved so you can prepare with ease.

Do (some of) it yourself!

DIY is hot these days, with more and more people saving money on home improvement service professionals, rolling up their sleeves and slapping some elbow grease on the job at hand. The satisfaction of doing a big project yourself is something that money can’t buy. However, time is at a premium for many of us, which is why we often spend some extra money to hire a handyman. Since it can take years to acquire specialised skills, their services can be costly. If your project seems doable without any heavy machinery or other tool investment, do as much research as you can (Youtube has some fabulous resources to watch and rewatch) and take your time, avoiding expensive mistakes. This could save you thousands, though proceed with caution! Some things are best handled by experienced professionals.

Take your time

This means having a good think, having a peruse around car boot sales for the best deals, asking around for tips, saving money so you don’t have to take out a loan, shopping during clearance sales or other sales, and generally considering all potential problems before taking the plunge. Say you’re expanding your living room, you’ll have to think about the foundations, wiring, how it’s all going to work, are you going to get bigger windows or open up the roof for more light? These are serious considerations, as the amount of light a space gets can really influence the feel of a room. Adding windows to a space could be a great way to do this, but this is a job best left to the professionals.

Get lots of quotes

Even if you’re planning on doing everything yourself, knowing how much it would cost for a professional job can sometimes be eye-opening, and could give you a good idea for what to expect. While you may have to steel yourself against hard sales techniques, you may learn something from talking to people who have been doing this for years. Try to see which companies have the best quotes and see what services they offer, to mentally prepare yourself for what the project will entail (this is also related to saving time and in turn… saving money). Plus, if you do end up contracting a service professional, you will undoubtedly save money when you get multiple quotes since you can just pick the best one, or at least be resistant to pressuring sales tactics.

Talk to service providers to get the best info

This tip is related to the previous one – instead of asking for quotes you can simply go and talk to a professional in the industry to get advice. Reliable service providers will be able to share DIY information, so ask them. Another great way to do this is to go and have a chat with someone at a DIY shop who are usually great sources of information and inspiration. Do you have specific wants or needs for your project? Let them know what you’re thinking and they might be able to give you some advice that you can take with you, think about, and perhaps reconsider certain aspects of your project! You could save money by having a more realistic view of your options and what they could do for you. If you get the chance, speak to someone in the know, so you can get that knowledge and proceed with confidence.

5 Ways to save on home improvement projects.  Tips for saving money on improvement projects. Ways to make your money go further.

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