We are too LOUD 27

My boys are LOUD.

Which means that I have to shout to be herd over their noise.


I didnt realise this until we stayed with friends this last week and it really brought it home to me just how much noise me and the boys make.

So the fact that I woke up with no voice on Sunday morning, well I took that as an intervention from the universe.  It is time for The Mad House, to become quieter.  For us to regulate our volumes.

Wish me luck!

27 thoughts on “We are too LOUD

  • Melitsa

    Well all the best with that!
    We’re an all boy household and having stayed in a few of them with friends…………we are not alone in the volume at 10+. This half term we decided the phrase of the week was ….”What did you say?” because everyone was so loud they didn’t hear. Ugh!
    Sending lots of encouragement …………when you’ve cracked it send over the secret formula. Pretty please 🙂

    • admin

      @Melitsa: I have been wondering if it is a boy thing. So we are trying. Seems to be OK at the moment

  • Floss

    Same here! And the French are SO quiet! (You may not believe it, it’s not the stereotype, but their children are still Seen and not Heard, honestly…)

    Maybe you have given me an idea for a Lent focus…

    • admin

      @Floss: I did no shouting last year, I think that we need to reinforce it by doing it again. Are you doing a pause in lent this year?

  • Pip

    Oh dear. hope your throat feels a bit better this morning. I have to say i do not like a lot of noise, i am a calm and quiet person by nature so i tend to create that at home. BUT there are days when the boys are very loud no matter what i do….. thats time to go outside!!! lol
    All the best with creating some peace at home xx

    • admin

      @Pip: I think that I want to be you Pip! I was quiet before the boys came along, but I really do have to shout to be heard somedays. I now need peace

    • admin

      @Marylin: They are loud and I just get louder and louder to be heard over them. So I am going for the quiet approach!

  • Julie

    My boys are very loud too, especially Finn – and I’m sure I must be loud to keep up with them. Hope your voice comes back soon but that you manage to stick with your quieter plan. Juliex

    • admin

      @Cass@frugalfamily: I am trying to set a good example, but you know just how loud my two boys can be

  • Pants With Names

    My house is really loud as well. So loud. If you manage to get it less loud would you please let me know how to do it!!

    • admin

      @Jazzygal: It is still lasting, but then I am only just getting my voice back. We are going to discuss giving up shouting for lent as a family

  • Karen Jones

    I can TOTALLY relate to this post. With 2 small boys like you, its the same in our house EVERYDAY.
    Most mornings are a total battle trying to get the to dress themselves, yesterday I ended up screeching down the stairs to them all sorts of threats while they screamed and laughed hysterically. I happened to look out of my bedroom window (both of which were wide open) to see the queue of people at the bus stop across the road staring back at me. Clearly they had heard everything !
    Looks like we are in for fun at Easter ! hahaha xxx

    • admin

      @Karen Jones: I am determined to try and make things different. Being away just clarrified to me, just how loud we all can be! I have done the screaming thing with the doors open too!

  • Kerry

    Good luck I hope that your voice is ok now, but a massive good luck at trying not to be so loud. We are all loud in this house none of us can be quiet at all xx

    • admin

      @Kerry: It does seem to be working, but I wonder for how long, I think I will be ensuring we all give up shouting for Lent

    • admin

      @If I Could Escape: I always said I wouldnt be loud, now I sometimes sound like a fishwife!

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