We ditched the dummy 22

We did it!  No actually he did it.  Mini diched his dummy last night, just like that.  I asked him if he thought that it was time to go and he siad yes and off to bed without one he went and slept though the night.  he is an utter star and I am so proud of him.

I admit that I feel like a mummy failure for leaving it so long, especially when Maxi didn’t have one after turning three.  There has always been some reason for me putting off the inevitable.  I was in hospital, recovering, mum’s death, mini having a cold and so on.  The truth was I was putting it off as I couldn’t face the thought of a sleepless night or tears from Mini.  When I broached the dummy fairy, he told me that we could just go to the shop and buy some more.

So I bottled it, I went down the easy route and made sure that he only had his dummy at night time and concentrated on the fact that you didn’t  see any fifteen year olds with dummys in their mouths!

We all have colds this week, coupled with chest infections, so sleep wasn’t all forthcoming at all, so well, why not try and get rid of the dummy. Do it on a Saturday night and then MadDad can always let me have an afternoon nap and help me out.  I thought it would be tough, hard work.  But my boy proved me wrong, it was easy, he is a star.