We love York 2

We are lucky enough not to live to far from York and on today’s like today, it is a marvelous place.  It wasn’t too cold today, but very windy and we enjoyed a fantastic family day out at York.

The MiniMads love watching the squirrels in The Museum Gardens.

Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, whilst jumping in all the falling leaves

Standing on the city walls
Whilst I got to get a small bit of fabric from Cath K to make new swimming bags for the boys.
All in all a fantastic day was had by all.  We love you York

2 thoughts on “We love York

  • Melinda

    Ooooo… I'm jealous! I miss fall so much! Florida is great … the weather, the beaches… but I still love that crisp feel in the air, the turning of the leaves … but I got to live vicariously through you for a moment! ;0)

  • TheMadHouse

    Now I am the one who is envious – Florida (well a girl can dream). I love the autumn colours and the crisp Autumn days. Thats what scarfs, hats and mits are for. even better is the hot chocolate for the return on those long walks.

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