Weekending 12

This weekend was the start of the holiday for us.  Unfortunately MadDad will not be able to take any time off with me and the boys until the last week of August, but that is the price we have to pay for having him around when I was in hospital and converlessing.

We have spent this weekend having fun and enjoying time together as a family and it has involved, eating, cooking, baking (recipes to follow)), building, gardening and generally having fun spending time together.


What have you been upto this weekend and what are you plans for next week?


12 thoughts on “Weekending

  • Midlife Singlemum

    I love weekending as a verb. I once heard the definition of a rich person as someone who uses the word summer as a verb (as in: We summer in the Sount of France). You are rich indeed.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Midlife Singlemum » You are so right, I am rich, I have my family and who could ask for more. Although a lottery win, even a small one would be a welcome!

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Nel » Hi Nel, thanks for the comment. I am going to post the recipe later in the week. Ikea do a fab cake ring, it has either a plain top or one with hearts on. I would love one, but this ring was my mums, so has lots of memories attached

  • Floss

    We are having dad-free holidays at the moment too – Ben’s in the UK seeing his parents and then doing some work visits. We’ve decided to spend our three dad-free evenings having cinema nights. Every night is something simple to eat in front of a DVD – we’ve decided on the Ocean’s series (yes, my boys are a lot older than yours…) and have just had a lot of fun watching Ocean’s 12. Looking forward to Ocean’s 13 tomorrow night! Have lovely, lovely holidays with your boys and MadDad too, when he gets a break.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Floss » Sounds like fun evenings floss. We love movie nights too, we have popcorn and sodastream. We are embarking on the pirates of the Caribbean

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Kat » It will be fantastic, we had to turn down tickets as I am not in a fit state for camping at the moment. All you need is a relaxed attitude and you will all have a ball

  • Jean

    Love your photos. I love my weekends. Every Saturday morning I take my daughter to her swimming lesson. It’s a lovely girlie hour, and we try to sneak off for a hot choccie afterwards if we can XXX

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Jean » We are going to make the most of the weekends, as it will be the only time we are together as a family over the summer. Your Sat mornings sound perfect

  • Susan Mann

    What a great weekend, spending time together and doing things with the children is most important. Way more important than housework. Lots of yummy cooking going on. I love how your boys are one blonde and one brunette mine are too. So cute. x

  • Alexander Residence

    Ah lovely to see some semblance of normality for you again. Hope you are doing ok?
    Looks yum!
    We have mainly been winning the tombola at nursery summer fayre. brought back more than we donated. Then had another clear out for charity.

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