Welcome MeMe

I have been tagged my Sally over at Who’s the Mummy, she is the wonder-woman who compiles the Tots 100 index and also edits The Great Toy Guide.

I especially like this meme, as is to give new bloggers a great big welcome in to the wonderful world of the Blogershere, which I joined 6 months ago.

Since then I have thrown myself in at the deep end and I love it. I have a pretty full google reader, but I am always on the look out for new blogs which are inspiring, an interesting read, peak my creativity or just make me laugh.

So here are Sally’s rules

Visit the new blogs I’ve introduced you to. If you like them, subscribe!
Recommend three new blogs you’ve discovered and loved 

Tag three other bloggers and ask them for three new blog reads.
 Yummy Mummy Number1 – I was following her on twitter and she has decided to join the blog world, she a stay-at-home mummy. who’s days mostly comprise of seemingly never-ending school/nursery runs and as much coffee and cake as she can possibly fit in in between – sounds good to me!

Smiffy’s Blog – I was introduce to Smiffy, by fellow blogger Bad Penny, as Sue is the first blogger who is bring visited by Ernest the chicken, need I say more, anyone who lets a soft toy eat as much chocolate as she has is well worth a visit

Musings of a Geriatric Mummy – Now I have very selfish reasons for introducing you to this blog, the lovely GM is currently going through the turmoil of IUI and needs all the positive thoughts and prayers she can get, not only that but she is full of information on being and staying healthy.

Natural Mummy – I was hooked as soon as I read her bio and I am sure you will be too. “No-one would describe me as a ‘natural’ at being a Mummy at all,  I do struggle with this role sometimes. I earnestly wish for more simplicity, to live a green life, and to have a greater connection to the natural world way of living- in short to be a ‘Natural Mummy’. Join me in my journey to the outdoors… ”

So now who to tag, I would like to pass this on to Sandy at BabyBaby, Karen at Cafe Bebe and Kelly at A Place of My Own