Wet weather games and puzzels 2

As the Mini’s get older one of the great things about wet days it that we can play board games and puzzles together.

One of our new favourites is Orchard Toys Shopping list, which is like bingo with food, you place all the pieces face down, each have a shopping list and a trolley and the first to get their trolley all full with food shouts shopping list. This is great as the youngest Mini Mad who is just 3 can play along too.

We also have a leapfrog Bingo game, which has a wheel to turn and works on the same format, it has shapes, numbers, colours, animals and also easy sums.

The eldest MiniMad has always loved board games and jigsaw puzzles and can find the correct piece much faster than me. He is currently doing 60+ piece ones.

We are also rediscovering blocks, specifically duplo and lego, previously the youngest has always taken great delight in knocking down or breaking what ever the eldest had made upsetting him terribly, but now he likes to try and build and play himself too, which is brilliant.

So this is what we have spent the majority of our rainy Saturday doing, oh along with a perennial favorite of the boys – play dough

2 thoughts on “Wet weather games and puzzels

  • Silvia

    Yay!!! you have given me some ideas for things to do with the boys whilst we travel! Thanks!! 🙂 Hope you are doing well!! Silvia, Luca & Jasper

  • TheMadHouse

    Hi there – cant be long till your big adventure now (please resend me the link to your blog). You can never have enough ideas for wet weather or travelling IMO. Look forward to your updates.

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