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Wet weather Halloween decorations

Well today has been very wet, so I decided to do some very easy Halloween decorations with the boys that required minimal preparation or involvement on my part.
So we made paper pumpkins and drew faces on orange balloons. 
Whilst MaxiMad was a football practice I did was cut the paper for the pumpkins and black triangles for the mini’s to decorate them with.  I also blew up a couple of orange balloon’s (I need to get some more as they really enjoyed this part)
All the mini’s did was colour in the paper with orange crayons and then stuck the black card where they wanted it to decorate them.  I then hung the pumpkins on garden twine and popped them up
One tip – make sure you use permanent markers on the balloons, otherwise you will end up covered in felt tip.  I keep a set out of the reach of the boys for times like this.

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