What is in my handbag Meme and an award

I have been tagged by Emily at Babyrambles to show you what is in my handbag, so all for keeping it real, here is what is in my great fatface bag (which was a great bargain in the sale for £15 with my Christmas money). Firstly a need a washable bag, secondly it is great now I no longer need a nappy bag woohoo.
In the front pockets, I have my iphone, in its cath kidston case and my coin purse
In the bag I have:
Organised mum diary
Bright ideas note book
Shopping list book
Colouring pencils
3 pens

aromatherapy oil

2 lip glosses
Spare Specs for Mini
mini sewing kit
Glasses wipe
Leather gloves

Woolly Hat
Groceries pouch

So there you go, nothing out of the ordinary, well apart from the fact that there is no sweets in my bag, so I am going to tag 5 others and get them to show me what is in their bag.  Over to:

Heather from Notes from Lapland – I was wondering is she had to carry de-icer in her bag!
Michelle at Mummy from The Heart
Tasha at Wham-Bam
Penny at the HenHouse
Beci at the Ramblings of an everyday mummy

I have also been awarded a lovely sunshine award from The Moiderer, Michelle at Mummy from the heart, Silent Beauty at American Mom in England  and Magic Mummy at the Diary of a Frugal Family which is great and I will pop in my side bar for all to see.
I am supposed to pass this on to 12 people, but you all bring sunshine to my life dear readers, so if you don’t have it already, consider yourself tagged, add it to your side bar and I will add you to this post.