What would you spend a unexpected £100 on? 17

Earlier this week TSB asked me what I would spend £100 on.  I have thought long and hard on this and also asked the boys too.

money square

I would love a camera tripod and a mike for my camera.

Maxi would like a new Monopoly game and Mini a new football (as his was run over last weekend)!

MadDad would buy some new fangled TV box thing!

Then an advert came on the TV for the disasters emergency committee for the Nepal Earthquake appeal and it was pretty clear to all of us that this £100 would be much better spent, so we donated our £100 to the DEC via paypal there and then.

I asked on The Mad House Facebook page what my readers would do with an unexpected £100.

I would divide it up. Small toy for the children, dress for me and a meal out with the husband

I would put it towards I new boiler as my boiler as broken

I’d spend it on the new baby when it arrives I think

Family day out to Woburn safari park. I really want to take the kids there 

Bills. I would pay some bills

I’d build my son a bunk bed. We’re currently saving up

A family treat/day out would my choice

I’d buy few more little bits for my son’s birthday Friday, get partner something, my self something and donate for treatment for a local little girl called ruby young who has cancer.

Day trip and hopefully have some cash spare for a new Yankee candle

I’d pray and wait for God to tell me what he’d like me to use it for

I would treat my mum to a nice spa treatment, or massage as she does so much for us & is a lovely Granny

I don’t have a lot of money so I would treat myself to something and then save the rest. I could do with a hair cut so £15 would go on a trim!

Ticket for Brit Mums for me at the moment as I always give everything for the family and need something for me

Right now I’d probably donate to Nepal and wee treat for kids

A family day!

A combination of Peach’s Neet Feet charity (they do send shoes to kiddos in the United Kingdom too) and involve the kiddos with me in several Random Acts of Kindness

A fun experience for entire family – perhaps a day trip.

Divide it up

unexpected £100

Why £100 you ask?  Because the maximum interest you can earn in a year from the TSB Plus Account is £100 AER (5% AER on up to £2000).

One of the reasons that I try to be frugal is so that we can make decisions like the one above.  Having been in a position where we couldn’t even spare a penny, it is nice to be able to make this decision.


Do you have a post that is about thrifty parenting, decorating or lifestyle.  One that is about frugal food or crafts and art.  or even a post about making the post of what you have, then please do link up.  Each week we make sure we pin the post, feature some on our facebook pages and then we each have a round up on a Sunday.

Let’s all share that being frugal can be fabulous.


The Mad House
My featured post this week is from Utterly Scrummy Food for Families.  I have been a long time reader of Michelle’s fabulous blog, where she shares achievable, affordable family food.    This last week her and her family have been living below the line for charity, which means surviving on £1 per person per day for food.
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