Weetabuddies – it is OK to play with your food! 21

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet one in six kids in the UK do not eat breakfast.  I have two very different kids in this house, Maxi will not leave the house without breakfast and Mini would skip it given the chance.  So we jumped at the chance to become representatives for Weetabix and help promote their Weetabuddies campaign and have a go at creating our own Weetabuddy.

Weetabix have created the ‘Weetabuddies’ to encourage families to get creative at breakfast whilst having a healthy start to the day.


So what is a Weetabuddy? 

They are a range of characters to make breakfast a little more fun! You can meet all the characters here on the Weetabuddy site.

Make your own Weetabuddy

Weetabix is Mini’s breakfast of choice and has been since he was tiny, so this was a fab exercise to encourage him to make and eat breakfast.

What you need:

  1. Weetabix
  2. A selection of fruit.
  3. Other food items, we used nutella and peanut butter to help keep our fruit in place

What next?

My boys are old enough to use knives to chop and prepare their own fruit, so they chopped grapes and banana.  I provided a selection of fruit for them to choose from.

They then had fun positioning the fruit where they wanted it and to keep them in place used a selection of nutella and smooth peanut butter.


It was really interesting to see what they chose and it didn’t surprise me that Mini went down the banana and peanut butter routine as they are one of his favorite sandwich fillings!  He also swiped a couple of large chocolate buttons left over from the christmas chocolate for his dudes eyes!  Mini also decided that chocolate, peanut butter and banana was the perfect combination to go with the warm milk he to have his weetabix with.


Maxi on the other hand is currently obsessed with grapes and decided to model his weetabuddy on himself and called it Mop.  Mini only ever has ice cold milk on his weetabix

win wheetabuddy

Why not have a go at creating your own Weetabuddies with your kids and upload them to the Weetabuddy web site here for the chance to win prizes everyday (and fame for your Weetabuddy!).

You can even make a Weetabuddy online if you dont want to get your hands dirty!

And whilst we are talking about making Weetabuddies, take a look at the amazing Mr and Mrs Bix’s adventures over at Family Days Tried and Tested.  My boys are now waiting for snow to take our weetabuddy’s on such an amazing adventure.