When not to behave like an 8 year old… 21

We had a fantastic week in France.  So much so that I often forgot myself and could be found playing and messing around like the boys and my niece.  We had some amazing days oput at local chateau’s and it was at one such Chateau that I took leave of my senses.

It was hot, the boys had found a shortcut back to the car and jumped over a wall and then egged me on to do the same.

Hmm…. it wasn’t elegant, in fact it was a disaster and BANG down the wall I fell.

I lay on the floor winded and in pain, but I wasn’t going to spoil our holiday as we only had a couple of days left.

the wall!

So we carried on with the holiday and I tried to manage the pain with over the counter painkillers and some delicious pink fizz.

The journey home on Saturday was interesting to say the least and Sunday morning saw me at A&E having finally admitted that I was struggling to cope with the pain.

So a CAT scan and a couple of x-rays later I have decided that it is time to start acting more my age than shoe size.  I can tell you that broken ribs HURT like nothing else and mean sleep is pretty none existent in The Mad House currently.  I also have a shadow on my lung, so am off for another x ray tomorrow to rule out scary stuff.

But even though lack of sleep and pain is meaning I am a grumpy bean at the moment. France was amazing and we had a super time.  I must remember to crack open the pink fizz we brought back with us before bed tonight!


21 thoughts on “When not to behave like an 8 year old…

  • Monika MumontheBrink

    Jen, the ribs will heal and the memories fade a bit, but you will always remember the fun you had, the wall you climbed. It’s good to act like an 8 year old once in a while. That makes us good mums.

    I hope the ribs heal quickly though. xxx and a gentle o

  • Jean (notsupermum)

    Oh Jen, you’re a game girl but climbing over walls? I’ve cracked a couple of ribs in the past and I know how painful it it, you can’t laugh, cough or breathe with pain. So sorry, but thanks for sharing the photo. Take care x


    oh blimey Jen…you crazy chick! I hope you’re ok & get plenty of rest….fingers crossed for a quick recovery..and keep away from the walls!

  • VintageVicki

    Ouch! I had a couple of cracked ribs after my op and you have my sympathy for the pain and discomfort. Sleeping with extra pillows helped and one under my tummy to stop me rolling onto my front helped.

    Also remember to hold yourself if you cough or sneeze.

  • Mama Syder

    Oh Jen, so sorry you broke ribs, I bet that really does hurt like hell. You had a go though didn’t you. I constantly forget my age and regret it afterwards, lol. Hope you heal quickly xxx

  • Julie

    Oh dear, poor you, I bet it is horrible. But I still think well done for trying! Hope you heal fast and that the xray tomorrow is fine. Take care, Juliex

  • angalmond

    Oh Jen, you poor thing! It is frequently the lot of Enthusiastic Mothers to eventually end up in A&E after days of ‘being brave’ and taking painkillers. Hoping you heal soon. Blessings xx

  • tiddlyompompom

    Oh lady, that sounds like something I would do!! I know youreninnoain now but it strikes me that it’s one of those stories that you’ll recount in the future full of laughs 🙂

    (Will keepe everything crossed that lungs are ok)


  • HonestMum

    Oh no hope you feel better soon! I love nothing more running around like a 3 year old with my kid-I did bang my leg into the shower door tonight though when prancing around trying to bath with two children!

  • Jill

    Oh no, I hope you feel better soon Jen! It looks a big wall! But how exciting and what a memory to have of your holiday! Jill x

  • Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    It must be a Jen thing, I climbed on a rock on the way home from our holiday and fell off. No broken ribs, I did my leg and that’s bad enough. I can’t quite work out how a small person can jump 3 1/2 feet and land and a tall person can’t… 😀

    I hope you recover swiftly and the shadow proves to be nothing at all exciting, and that neither of us take the quick way down again!

  • Susan Mann

    I think you may be even more clumsy than me and that’s saying something sweetie. I feel for you and hope the pain eases and you find out what the shadow is and it’s nothing. Hugs x

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