When not to behave like an 8 year old… 21

We had a fantastic week in France.  So much so that I often forgot myself and could be found playing and messing around like the boys and my niece.  We had some amazing days oput at local chateau’s and it was at one such Chateau that I took leave of my senses.

It was hot, the boys had found a shortcut back to the car and jumped over a wall and then egged me on to do the same.

Hmm…. it wasn’t elegant, in fact it was a disaster and BANG down the wall I fell.

I lay on the floor winded and in pain, but I wasn’t going to spoil our holiday as we only had a couple of days left.

the wall!

So we carried on with the holiday and I tried to manage the pain with over the counter painkillers and some delicious pink fizz.

The journey home on Saturday was interesting to say the least and Sunday morning saw me at A&E having finally admitted that I was struggling to cope with the pain.

So a CAT scan and a couple of x-rays later I have decided that it is time to start acting more my age than shoe size.  I can tell you that broken ribs HURT like nothing else and mean sleep is pretty none existent in The Mad House currently.  I also have a shadow on my lung, so am off for another x ray tomorrow to rule out scary stuff.

But even though lack of sleep and pain is meaning I am a grumpy bean at the moment. France was amazing and we had a super time.  I must remember to crack open the pink fizz we brought back with us before bed tonight!