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When you give up your dream you die

Ah that quote has stuck with me since Flash dance, which was all those years ago in 1983 and yes that is the original one!  One of mine and MadDads biggest dreams has always been to own a second property, preferably in France.  As we get older and realise that we are happy to try and live on one income that original dream of a second home in France is fast becoming a long distant dream.  One we longed for when we were booking idyllic holidays abroad, when we had sufficient income to be looking for an investment property we  were too busy and had no idea that we wouldn’t always be living this way.

So does the fact that we have given up dreaming about seeking to buy overseas properties mean that we are  old and withered before our time?  I hope not.  I hope that it means that we are flexible and that dreams are not static and can change along with our circumstances.  When I look at the things I dream about now, I have to say that health and happiness come first and foremost, so I thought I would make a list of what my dreams are at this time in my life.

    • To be healthy
    • For my family to be healthy
    • To try and fir one camping holiday in this coming year
    • To make the most of the boys school holidays
    • Top find part time work to take the financial pressure off MadDad
    • For my children to be happy
    • To learn something new

One thing I noticed when making my list was that y dreams are much less focused on me and are also much more short term and achievable.  I know that this is due to being a mum.  My children have brought many changes to my life, but one of the main ones and hopefully one of the best ones, is that they have changed my personality.  They have brought me patience and ensured that I a less selfish and self indulgent.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2012?

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