When your child just doesn’t want to go to sleep – An update 11

Mid January I blogged about Mini not going to bed and going to sleep and how it was really affecting our evenings and also making him really tired and grumpy in the morning.  We were at a loss, especially as Maxi has always gone to bed like a dream.    Well I thought it was time for an update and I am pleased to be able to tell you that our evenings have been transformed.

Mini tonight at 7.15pm

Mini now goes to bed between 7.00pm and 7.30pm and goes to sleep.  He has even asked to go to bed and taken himself up at 6.45pm one evening.  Even when were were moving his room he still went to bed and sleep in all the mess and chaos.

So how have we done it.  Basically it has all been about consistency.  We have established strict bedtime routine for both the boys.  No screen time after 6pm, by this I mean computers and games consoles.  I read somewhere that it takes the brain an hour to wind down after screen time, so I want to encourage this in the boys.  We then try and keep to the same routine each evening of dinner, night clothes,  books, cuddles, tooth brushing etc and bed (with a bath a couple of times a week).

We downloaded the Relax Kids Wizard Meditations on to am MP3 and he listens to it every night using ETY·Kids5 universal earphones, which he loves.  He prefers to listen with the earphones and we have found that he concentrates more of the meditations that way blocking out external noise and influences.  Plus we do not have to worry about the earphones being to loud as they have a noise level limiter and they must be comfortable as he has no problem with going to sleep with them in.

Initially we implemented a reward chart for going to bed successfully, but now he knows that it is expected that he goes to bed and that it is reward in itself as he is much less grumpy.  Even Cass from Frugal Family has commented that his behavior is much improved in the last two weeks.

More than just making for a happier, well rest little boy, it has really made a big difference to mine and MadDad’s evenings.  No more snipping at each other as to who will put Mini back to bed.  I no longer have a heavy feeling of anxiousness as bedtime approached.  We are a much happier family.  I am glad that we preserved over a few hard nights and approached the issue with consistency, a targeted approach and kept together on the same wave length.

I want to thank everyone for their support and suggestions and I am in no way smug, as I am sure we will soon be lurching to another parenting challenge!

Disclosure: We were sent a sample of the Etymotic’s ETY·Kids™ Safe-Listening Earphones 

11 thoughts on “When your child just doesn’t want to go to sleep – An update

  • Mummysknee

    So glad you’ve sorted this, it can make everyone miserable. Now you have a happy well rested child and you yourself can get rest too!

  • mum of all trades

    I’m sure it makes a huge difference to you to have this sorted. It is one thing I am completely rigid about, bedtime. I can be quite laid back about other things but the bedtime routine never wavers and I think it has made things much easier in our house.

  • would like to be a yummy mummy

    Aaahhh what a lovely post and glad you have it sorted. It makes so much difference when you have your evenings. We are lucky because our two go to bed every night at 6.30pm (younger than yours) but like you its because we are consistent. We have a strict bedtime routine: bath, no more tv, story time on sofa, teeth then bed. Well done and hope it continues x

  • Peggy

    It is so good to hear this, it really makes a real difference when kids go to sleep at a decent time without a fuss. Well done you! I am going to have a look at the meditations that sounds fab 🙂

  • Peggy

    BTW no worries about the fact that my web address redirects to a #themuppets in the post above, typed from the phone and it picked up a last paste 🙂

  • Susan Mann

    So pleased this worked. I might need to get some tips, hoping Lucas is just going through a wee blip just now. Loving the relaxation idea, I might give that a go. It’s hard though as they go to bed less than 1 hour when I get in from work which isn’t ideal. x

  • Emily

    I am so pleased that you have got this sorted. It makes such a difference when they are rested and I so know that feeling of sniping at each other when you have to deal with a child in your precious evening. Well done all of you

  • Amanda

    Gosh, this is so interesting. I am doing thinking slimmer and since I started listening to it, my sleep has gotten considerably better. There really must be something in it!

  • Kate

    Ok I really need to try this. I have been having trouble since Youngling’s daddy (Doo) and I separated about 11 months ago. Youngling is in with me and wont go to sleep without me, or until a ridiculous hour. I am utterly exhausted. Thanks for sharing I will be checking these links out 😉 xx http://www.makeshiftmummy.com

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