Where’s Wally? 1

wally CollageComic Relief day today at school and it was dress up as Where’s Wally (or Waldo, for any American chums) or a character from the books and pay a pound for the privilege  which they decided to take from their pocket money.  My boys never sit still so this is the best you will get picture wise.  They decided that we needed to have a family nerf fight this morning!

They also packed MadDad off to work with red nose day cakes to sell.

What are you doing for Comic Relief?


One thought on “Where’s Wally?

  • itsybaby

    Where’s Wally that would have been great to play. We all done a dress up as a baby for work day funny baby hats and bibs was the most popular and the boss come to work in a very large Nappie that was so funny he could not sit down with it on. We raised just short of £300

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