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Whitby for Lunch

One of the biggest joys of relocating back to our native North East of England has been returning to some of the most stunning and outstanding scenery and places to visit in the whole of the British Isles.
MadDad and I both grow up in the North East and MadDad spend the first 5 years of his working life in Whitby and this has become a firm favourite of the minimads.  
As soon as they both saw the sun was shining today, they requested lunch at Whitby and who were we to disagree.  So in the car we popped and 20 mins later we were there.  MadDad knows all the best places to find a park and we were soon in the thick of it.
If you are going to eat fish and chips in Whitby then there is only one place in our opinion worth going to and that is The Magpie Cafe.  You can eat in, but we prefer a takeaway on the harbour wall and it is our tradition.
So we all queued to get our cod and chips twice, with home made tartar (me and Maxi), mushy peas (MadDad and Mini) and Lemon (Maxi).  We love the ritual of putting on the salt and vinegar and the smell, oh the smell is out of this world and takes your breath away for a short second.
This was mine and Maxi’s cod and chips today and I got a sniff of the batter and fish and I was allowed 2 dips in the tartar not that I mind.  it is great watching the children munch on all the fish and they do.
20 mins later this is what the box looked like:
The other box was just the same and the boys still had room for sweets and ice-cream!!  We made a visit to the old fashioned sweetshop on Sandgate and the boys chose popping candy and then before coming home we made a quick detour to Sneaton and picked up 2 small containers of ice-cream from Beacon Farm, which went down a treat after dinner Sunday Evening.
In fact it was a perfect late winter, early spring day and I hope the start of many family outings to come.