White clay dough. Corn Flour dough, a fab alternative to salt dough 3

We have made corn flour dough before, but using salt, however, I was keen to find a different recipe with more of a smooth texture that was a bit more malleable for the boys to use. We have tried Nurturestore’s 2 ingredients white dough and love it, but we also tried the following white clay recipe and the boys decided that this is their favourite go-to salt dough replacement.

white clay ornaments

How to make white clay:

  1. 1 cup bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
  2. 1/2 cup corn flour (corn starch)
  3. 3/4 cup of warm water

Add the bicarb and then  corn flour (starch) into the pan and then add the warm water – tap temperature is fine. Then stir over a medium heat in to bubbles form and the mixture starts to pull away from the side of the pan,

We then placed the dough on to a mat and allowed it to cool for a couple of minutes before giving it a kneed.

You can use this dough warm or cold and it is a beautifully soft and pliable dough just like play dough.

How to dry white clay:

We had such fun rolling and cutting this dough and it is really easy to use.  The boys transferred their finished ornaments to a baking tray and we used a straw to make a hole for ribbon in the ones we wanted to hang from the tree.

We made a variety of ornaments in different sizes.

We bake them in the oven at 80 Centigrade, about 160 fahrenheit for two hours turning once and then left them overnight to dry thoroughly.

As long as you bake them at a low temperate you will not colour the dough, but if you are concerned then you can leave them to air dry, but this will take about three days to dry totally. (especially in the UK)!

white dough

The other thing is this white clay is fantastic to paint on or you could just stick decorations on and show off that beautiful whiteness.

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