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Who will win the war

We seem to be fignhting a never ending battle in The Mad House at the moment with minimad.  Mothership posted today about seeing yourself in your children and it got me thinking and I finally decided to come clean about an issue we are having with MiniMad.

I have always said the mini’s were headstong, their own men, independant thinking, but it is just an excuse really, just a polite way of saying, that they can be stuboarn, hard headed and bloody hardwork at times.  This stage with Maxi wasnt too bad, we were able to negotiate, distract ot tickle our way out of things, but my oh my, with Mini it is a complely different story.

Take this morning for example.  We were all up dressed, ready for the school run.  We only needed to finish our food and pop on our wellies.  For me and Maxi that was a 2 min walk in the park.  Well Mini didn’t want to drop Maxi at school, so what ensured was a 25 minute tantrum of massive proportionss, which resulted in a second pair ofb rokenn glasses, me carrying him to the car, getting hit, kicked, bitten and screamed at all the way and a very sore back for my trouble.

You see if mini doesn’t want to do something, then it all kicks off and our world is turned upside down.  The thing is this now leaves me cowering in the corner unable to deal with it in any sensible way.  Oh just put him on the naughty step you say, OK you try carrying a 3 and half year old tasmanian devil somewhere he doesn’t want to be and get him to stay there.
Am I hearing timeout in his room – yep tried that too.  He trashes the place and I fear for his safety, in these tempers he appears to have super human strength, he has thrown his bedside drawers and the kitchen table
Hold him, restrain him, again tried it and I can not do this. I have tried on numerous occasions and failed.
You can not reason with him when he is in this state either.

I used to watch Super Nanny and think what sort of parents couldn’t control their children.  I used to pity them, feel for them, but also ridicule them.  Well the truth is I am at the end of my tether with Mini.
I love him dearly, but fear what each day will bring, we were late for school this morning, which left Maxi in tears begging his little brother to get his coat on and it is not as though I can leave him in the house.
We now also have to visit the opticians and get 2 pairs of glasses mended that he has broke over the weekend.
You see I dare not mention this to my mum, as I know the response I will get “Oh that is nothing, you were a horrible child, ha ha ha”  no advise, oh no, just my mother smug that life is getting its own back on me.
Yep, I am and have been all the things that Mini is and much, much worse.  I don’t think I was a very nice child and it turns out that mini is my life getting its own back, but that doesn’t solve anything.  I don’t want this to continue in this vain.  We need a solution, we need to work on things,  I know consistency will be the key to what every we do, but I need some help.
So parents out there, have you experienced this and if so what did you do, please help, please comment, please, please, please.  I don’t want this to effect the way we are and love as a family.


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