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Why a Cruise is a Great Holiday if you have Teenagers

Why a Cruise is a Great Holiday if You Have Teenagers is a paid collaborative post with Cruise118. Finding a family holiday that accommodates all of the family is really challenging, doubly so if you have kids of different ages or teenagers. Trust me I have been there and so many people keep telling me that a Caribbean cruise is a great holiday if you have teenagers.

As a mum, I often feel it falls to me to make sure that we all have a great holiday and with the cost of living and the high cost of holidays, it can feel like a heavyweight. This is why so many people are looking for Caribbean Cruise deals and swear that a family cruise really has something for everyone in the family.

Why a Cruise is a Great Holiday if you have Teenagers

Why are Cruises Good for Teens?

Did you know that cruises are the biggest growing sector for family vacations as they offer multigenerational escapes suitable for all ages? The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for family and adventure-seeking cruisers with private islands with everything from waterparks to zip wires.

No one will ever get Bored on Board!

Think of a cruise ship as a town, it really has something for everyone and every age group from bowling, water parks, cinemas, go-karts, video games, laser tag, video arcades, rock climbing, zip lines, go-karting and even ice skating! Add to that all sorts of sporting activities like table tennis, basketball, mini-golf, flowrider surf simulators and water polo. Your family will be spoilt for choice, every single day.

Each cruise line also offers fantastic kids clubs on board which are broken down into individual spaces depending on age.

No one will ever go Hungry.

If you teenagers are anything like my boys then they will be bottomless. I have one “foodie” and one that is a little more choosy, but when you are on board this isn’t an issue. Not only are your meals and snacks included in the price there is so many dining options, choice and variety.

Buffets on board cruise ships are always hugely popular with families as they offer such a huge array of cuisine options from all over the world. Taco’s, pizza’s burgers – they have you covered and if you fancy something a little more fancy then there are often al a carte options on board too. No one will ever go hungry.

Entertainment for all ages.

Shipboard teen clubs offer your teen a chance to make new friends and daily schedules often include dance parties, comedy hours and games. Some Cruise liners even have their own nightclubs and karaoke just for older kids that are off-limits for younger children and adults.

You may also find that they actually want to spend some time with you experiencing some of the fabulous evening entertainment such as live music, comedians, movie screenings, quiz nights, and even recreations of your favourite TV game shows.

Excellent Value for Money.

Cruises give teenagers freedom, social opportunities and activities they crave which is why a Cruise is a Great Holiday if you have Teenagers

Did I say that food and snacks are included in the price? The wonderful thing about cruises is that you pretty much can work out the cost of the holiday upfront. Many companies offer full-service packages. Food costs in vacation destinations, especially Caribbean islands where much of the food has to be shipped in can be really expensive  With a cruise, your teens can eat as much as they want, whenever they want.

Enjoy Epic Excursions.

When you are on a cruise you can wake up somewhere new every single day and that means so many more cultures, experiences and shore excursions that you can enjoy. You can use the ship as a base and hop on and off to explore when you want.

Peace of Mind for Parents.

A cruise ship offers supervised independence for teenagers allowing them to have freedom away from their family and meet other kids their age.

If your teen craves independence, then cruise ships can offer plenty of places for them to go onboard whilst also giving you peace of mind that they won’t be able to wander too far. Some cruise lines also offer payment cards for teens which you can top up so that they have their own spending money whilst onboard, giving them ultimate freedom to make their cruise experience their own.