Why Mum need to be in the family photographs 15

I LOVE photographs, taking them, printing them and looking at them.  I love that we have a large collection of moments to look back over, but I am camera shy.  I hate having my picture taken. But my boys need me to be in the family photosgraphs.

Why Mum need to be in the family photographs

Since my double mastectomy and subsequent weight gain, I do not like having my photo taken.  I would go as far as saying I HATE being photographed.  I do not like the way I look, but this is my issue and recently the boys have started to notice that I am not in the picture so I resolved to change it.  When Rosie Parsons offered to come and take our photo’s as a family I knew that I couldn’t say no, even though that was my first response.

family photoshoot 1

Rosie is an award winning photographer with over ten years experience and she made the whole experience painless. But more than we love each and every one of the photographs that she took.  They capture our love for each other and our family dynamic.  What more she took these images after a ten-hour car journey with her fabulous tribe (3 year old triplets and their one year old brother).

family photoshoot 2

Rosie really understands the importance of capturing family moments as she is aware of just how fast time flies now she has children of her own. Rosie wants to encourage us all to take great photo’s of our family and be the best family photographer we can.  With this in mind, she has created a course to help us capture stunning photos of our children without tearing our hair out, nagging or resorting to bribes!

family photoshoot boys

I am really excited by Rosie’s photography course for Mums (and Dads)!  She has a real talent for pressing pause on family moments and capturing the joy. She is also a really great teacher and her videos are easy to follow and provide simple actionable instructions.   She gives you the ability to turn a snapshot into a piece of artwork.

Mum in the Madhouse - photo by Rosie Parsons-30a

Do you get confused about how to find the best lighting or position yourself for the best shot? Rosie demystifies the secrets of composition, helps with shortcuts to getting genuine smiles.  She will teach you how to find beautiful light on cloudy days and where to position yourself when taking photos indoors.

family photoshoot me

Doing this course with Rosie is like having a friend by your side as your take your photographs.  Want to find out more about the course, then Rosie has an excerpt and more information here.  If you use the coupon code MADHOUSE you 40% off from until midnight on Wednesday 18th August.

family photoshoot 4

So back to my experience. If anyone knows my boys they are not in anyway performing monkeys, but Rosie really brought out the best in all of us.  She chatted to me about clothing (coordinating not matching) and put us all at ease within minutes of meeting us.

family photoshoot maxi

We didn’t spend hours on a photo shoot.  No, we were all over and done within a couple of hours and we managed to have fish and chips too and introduce Zak Rosies youngest to rock pooling, well sitting in a rock pool in his clothes!

She photographed us in familiar surroundings to us but captured it all in a new light.  I really love that Rosie made me feel more confident in my skin.

family photoshoot mini

She even managed to capture the husbeast smiling and his motto is “groucy with style”!

family photoshoot 3

You know what I want to print each and every one of the photographs she took and I have promised to spend more time in front of the camera rather than just behind it.

family photoshoot facebook

Have you ever had a family photoshoot? Do you like having your photo taken?

Why Mum need to be in the family photographs. Why you need to be in the family photos, no matter what size you are! Your children really need you to be in front of the camera m ore than behind it.

This experience has really taught me that I need to be in the family photographs, no matter what size I am.  My children need to be able to look back and see me in them.  No matter my size, my kids think I am beautiful and they wanted to have their photographs taken with me.  let this be a lesson for all of us.